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Using a spoon Rss

Help!! I need ideas to get my 21month old to try using a spoon for himself.

Little buddy and Big girl

Hi Sam,
Let your baby hold the spoon a meal times as if it was a toy. What I did to teach my son how to use a spoon was, while I was feeding him with my spoon I'd encourage him to dip his spoon in the plate of food and make out it was a huge deal when he did so. Although he rarely gets any food on the spoon as he is only 14 months old. He does know what the whole concept is. He actually picks up his finger food and places it on the spoon. And has also started getting the odd one in his mouth.
I found a spoon and fork set at the supermarket, where the handles where bent, which makes it easier for them to get it into there mouths and less likely on the floor.
My suggestion is to make a game out of it and they will be more likely to pick it up sooner. Laugh and have fun. Life is just a learning process. Goodluck and let us know how it comes along.
i found that if i gave my son a spoon and bowl of food too he would copy. now at almost 2 its a battle to feed him as he just wants to do it himself, which is good but a bit messy.

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Do you both have a spoon or fork each. We found with Mieke that she used to love 'taking turns' - we gave her one mouthfull - she did the next. Now she does it all on her own. Having one each also made sure that some actually did go in her mouth and not everywhere else.
It takes patience so good luck! smile

Lesley, VIC, Mieke born 06/04/03

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