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2yo wont eat at normal times. Lock Rss

My two year old won't eat all meals during a day.
She is a snacker when she wants. Though
Today she had 3 helpings of breakfast at 7am as
She didn't eat the night before. Lunch she had a little bit
One dry salada with cheese on top at 1pm
And no dinner apart from a few bites of a lamb cutlet refesed
Seasoned potato and cabanara pasta at 5.30pm, I don't give milk before bed.
I attempted no snacks or milk between today and
Nothing changed so far.
Help please?
This sounds quite normal for my 2.5 yr old son.
I offer meals and snacks - breakfast, lunch, dinner, and morning & afternoon tea, sometimes he will eat loads, others not much at all, occasionally nothing.
He sleeps all night and has regular poos, so I'm not worried.

I think it's great your toddler is following her own hunger cues. So long as over the course of a week she's getting lots of fruit and veg. My sister had success with a lunchbox made up with the whole day's worth of food that her toddler could choose from (this was to stop her son overeating and raiding the fridge and pantry of packet food). Her son loved having carrot and cheese and apple and sultanas plus his sandwich etc ready for him to choose when he was ready.
Also You could chat to a child health nurse, they are great and can check her weight other indicators of health; usually it's just reassuring and they'll give you some encouragement, but if their is a concern about her development they will know where you refer you.
All the best
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