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My DD is 3 in 1 week. She wont eat dinner and she is selective about what she eats. She wont even TRY anything new. she'll eat cheese rolls and chicken nuggets (the procest ones, not ones i make) nutrigrain (raw- no milk) sausages and manderines. i tried giving her a proper dinner with vegies, then wraping it up and giving it to her every night until she had some, but that didnt work ( i threw it out after 3 nights). i have told her she can have a treat after dinner if she has a bite of her dinner, but that dosnt work. i try cooking with her to encourage her to eat what she has made, but it dosnt work. I've been hounded by my Dad that she has an eating disorder. Bit fed up. i feel like i've exausted all avenues with her and nothing has worked. alot of people have told me its a phase shes going through, but its been going on for a year, so how long is a phase supose to last???
Has anyone gone or going through what im going through, cause im feeling like im the only one with a stubborn fussy child.

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You're not the only one.

Just don't give in. I know it's horrible- but it's for her health. If she doesn't eat what you're serving then don't give treats.
If you try to compromise she will expect that each time you want her to do something she will be rewarded for it.. next time she doesn't eat, maybe say 'ok, it's bed time'. No TV. something?

For every meal. Get your grumpy on!!! Play hard ball!

If she kicks up a stink, don't stress yourself- just laugh. She probably knows that it distresses you.. so show her your indifferent face.

I hope that helps!

I know what it's like when they won't eat. My DS2 is 2 yrs and has been a shocker with eating all his life. As a baby he would only eat pureed foods and wouldn't touch it if it had any type of lumps in it. For the next year he would only eat carbs and colourless foods (potatoes, pasta, cheese, bread etc) I really worried about him as it seemed ongoing. He's still terrible at mealtimes but is slowly coming out of it. I just kept serving him the same as I served the rest of the family and gradually he started to try more and more of it. He still wont eat vegetables (only potato) but because he liked mash potato I started to add a carrot or two to each mash, when he realised he liked it I started adding sweet potato & pumpkin to it too. He still thinks it's 'mash' but doesn't know it's got all those other things in it too. I still have a long way to go with him - he wont touch anything green yet, but I can trick him here and there.
As long as your little girl isn't underweight and is healthy, I think she'll be fine. Maybe you could speak to your doctor about multivitiamins in the interim, or give her toddler milk while you're having troubles smile
My DS sounds exactly the same, it feels like he does not eat anything! I am going to ask the dr about multivitamins, im not sure what to do! He gets constipated because he is not eating enough of the right things but i just try give him plenty to drink and feed him as much fruit as i can because its one thing he will sometimes eat
As Steph0413 said try not to give up and when it gets really tough get hubby or your family to step in and help.
Keep dishing up the same meals as everyone else and set you expectations of what you want eaten eg. one bit of carrot, one pea. one mouthful of mash. Only put a little bit on the plate so that she doesn't get overwhelmed by what is in front of her.
Before you sit her up to tea explain what you expectations are and what rewards may come if she does what is asked. Give warnings but after the second one remove her from the table and pop in time out.
I may take longer than 3 days but it is important that you take your time and be consistant with your follow through. I guarantee you she wont starve herself and will soon understand that mummy means buisness.
Introducing routines etc like this is what i do for work so feel free to pm me if you want some more tips.
It is such a relief to know that im not the only one going through this. I think sometimes as Mums, we forget others have been there too and others are going through it as well, and im so thankful for the forum where we can relise that we're not alone.
Thank you everyone who responded, your advice, words of wisdom has helped me not only cope with my DD but with my confidence as a Mum. My DD isnt eating but we are giving her some multi-vitamins (which she thinks are lollies hahaha) and have changed her diet, so instead of just cereal, shes having fruit as well and a light lunch and a normal dinner ( even though she dosnt eat it- just trying to get a routine happening)
I hate the fact that it wont change overnight, but at least i know it will happen eventually.
We plan to also start sending her to pre-school as well, as im hoping that if she sees other kids eating well she'll start coping them (heres hoping lol)
We have also laid out some ground rules with my dad (who gives her rice crackers when ever he wants, even though we have told him not to)
Again thankyou everyone, you have no idea how much better i feel!

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Hi this is from 1st hand experience .... and I was the 3 year old that ate nothing but KFC !!! I would not look, touch anything else so when my Step mum and my dad got together there was alsorts of chaos happening LOL . I use to point blank refuse to eat anything for dinner, I come from a reasonably big family ( 6 kids plus mum and dad) . Once everyone had finished thier dinner they were allowed to leave the table and go watch T.V. etc. but until I had tried something on my plate I had to sit at the table. My mum would clean up around me and even have the dishes done etc.If by my bed time I still had not tried anything I waas put to bed without dinner. I finally gave in after several nights of being hungry and working out that I was not going to win this fight and both mum and dad were on the same side so I could not even play one against the other - NOTE very important that what ever you do decide to do both you and DH stick together and not allow any sly treats " when mums not looking". Kids are really cluey and will try anything to get their own when it comes to eatting vegies etc.
My DS1 is also 3 and I often get him to help me 'get dinner ready'. He gets out the vegtables and washes them etc.( he does not peel or cut yet though tongue) and I think that helps him with his eatting. Good Luck !
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