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i am trying to wean my 22 mo son off the bottle without any success . he will drink water or juice from a cup no worries not milk. does anyone know of a cup that has softer sipper not so hard i didnt have that truble with the other 2 but they were already 2 so might need to wait a bit

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

just bought a different bottle it seemes have softer sipper on it will try it in the morning

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Hi, I have an 17mth old who is still having two bottles a day. I am trying to wean him onto a cup for his morning milk feed, with no success.
I am interested to know how you went with the cup you bought.
OMG if there was an the olympics event about doing stupid things i would winthe gold! the cup /bottle that looked so good ,the sipping part i thought looked great was in fact the cover! but swapped it for an avent sipper cup ryan has actuaaly drank his milk fom it. it seemes to be softer but probably very easy to chew!

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

I think I would be up there with you for a gold metal for the stupid things I do, specially being a first time mum.

I will try this brand of cup as I use the Avent bottles.

my daughter is 25months - we have just got her off the bottle about 3weeks ago and mainly because we had just had another baby who i was bottle feeding and i was sterilizing bottles all day. Emily has always had a straw cup to dink water/juice out of (coles/woolworths for about $2.00) we just told her that there were no more bottles and she had to have her milk out of the straw cup (which she would never drink milk out of it before) - it took about a week before than tantrams stopped but now she has a milk drink out of her straw cup before bed and now sleeps through the night as she knows she will not get a bottle.

Maybe try a straw cup??


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yesterday ryan drank from the new cup today he will not have a bar of it! the stubborn boy. he does use a straw it might be the way to go at breakfast& dinner but at nite he likes to sit on my lap to drink it so that would not work too well

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

I have a 6 month old who I am just starting to put on to a cup. I use the advent trainer cup. It has a soft spout, then a hard spout and then a top to use with a straw. It also has handles for them to grab. Worked really well for my daughter and Cody has started to drink from it well. I would definately recommend it

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i bought an avent cup with a soft spper but he will not drink milk fom it. i then tried a straw as he likes to drink with one but apparently not milk!

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

I know what you mean, just visited the childhood centre for my boys 18month check up and according to them the big rule is they shouldn't have any bottles anymore and drink everything out of a cup and no dummies as it restricts their speech. They tell you the facts that it causes tooth decay drinking milk out of a bottle etc. but the face they don't realise is that , it sounds easy in theory but putting it into practice, removing the bottle, my son gets so upset and the tantrums sometimes so unbearable that I think is this really worth doing by the book? I mean he dropped his other 3 bottles automatically and I am waiting for him to be ready to drop the morning bottle by himself. But what I have done is bought Tommee Tippee trainee cup, where the cup can be used with a teet, so at the moment I am just getting him used to drinking out of a cup shape with a teat attached, and he doesn't seem to care cause he still gets the teet, then the next step will be changing the teet to a same material spout shape, so maybe that 'll work, but the more I stress about trying to get him off the bottle and dummies the worse it is for all of the family. I believe you'll know when the child is ready to give it up
This advent trainer cup, would you mind telling me where you purchased it or if you know of where I could purchase it?

I am trying to get my daughter to drink her milk from a cup (with no success either), as all the others have said, she will drink her juice and her water from a cup with a sipper on it, but the milk she will just ignore.

There is a need for milk, and I know that a bottle can cause teeth decay, especially if I let her drink it while nodding off to sleep, and I hate to be guilty about not giving her a bottle, and just giving her a cup, I have been trying for five days to get her to give the bottle away, and in that time she has not had any milk, nor has she eaten all that much (which is normal though).

I realise that in the sceme of things, five days with no milk isn't all that tragic, but she is so crotchety, that I gave in this evening, and let her have a bottle.

You seem to be the luckiest one of the posted replies, having success with a cup and milk.
My daughter is a lot older than your child, she is nearly 20 months. I made the mistake of weaning her from breastfeeds onto a bottle at 16 months.

Which is why I am surprised she wont drink from a cup, as she hasnt had a bottle for all that long.

Any assistance regarding the cup you have recomended, would be greatly appreciated.
i bought ANOTHER cupto day a tomee tippee nuby one had limited success with ih ryan drank a little out of it will try again later today . this kids costing a fortune in cups

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

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