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18 Month Old Just Wont Eat Lock Rss

I need help my 18 months old daughter jezika just won’t eat. She has gone from eating lots at her meal times to now only eating 4 to 5 teaspoons of weetbix or pourage for breakfast, at lunch i am lucky if she eats 1/2 sandwich and she eats less then other meals. She likes cheese so i give her cheese for afternoon tea just one slice. She does not have a bottle anymore she is still on 12+ formula because she is slow at putting on weight. But she will only drink 1/2 cup milk. I have tried finger foods of many sorts and she just keep throwing them away.
I am very concerned and don’t know what to do.
I am willing to try anything please help me


Hi Jestaa
My 18month old daughter Isabella is going through exactly the same thing and only having a few teaspoons of each meal etc... sad I feel awful almost out of ideas on what to feed her cuz she throws everything away sad
The only things i can get her to eat are bananas, vegimite on toast and cheese. I've also found that buying a few cocktail frankfurts and boiling them for her for lunch is good! I peel the skin off it first and she loves them! And devon aswell! Maybe try a few of those!
Hopefully some of that may help but if not just know i'm basically in the same boat as you! There's another post i saw about the same thing and they has a few other suggestions in there so maybe they can help also! Good Luck

Michelle,NSW, Isabella 26/10/04, Charli 12/3/07

my daughter is quite a good eater but she has turners syndrome so her growth is slow, iv been accused of under feeding her at times!
. but does your daughter like to feed herself because i can only give cheyenne about 5spoon fulls then she refuses to let me feed her so i let her do the rest ofcousrse i get massive mess but thats the fun of it. um... also when you make dinner for yourself mix in formula for the baby because that gives her extra calories, things like putting butter in porridge, vegetable pancakes with melted cheese on top.baked bean on potatoes,

is she a snacky baby because my daughter is.
is her teeth bothering her?maybe?
but please dont worry because no toddler will starve itself they will let you know.
my cousin is also in the same boat too!!!!

teegan_wa_ cheyenne 26/10/04 & domenic10/2/06

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