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My son is 13months and has been on cows milk for 1 month. My husband and i have always drunk long life milk so that is what weve been giving our son,but a friend told me the other day that i shouldnt be giving long life milk to him. Does anyone know if this is true ?

kylie,nsw,mum to William & Hannah

Hi Kylie,
My DH drinks Long Life milk .. but I've always kept skinny milk for myself and full cream for DS. I was curious about this myself for when we went camping (save carrying oodles of varieties of milk in the car fridge!)
I found this link ... and yes, Long Life and UHT have the same food values as ordinary milk and are just as good for children

<a href="">Parenting and Child Health: Milk for Toddlers</a>

Hope this helps! smile

Sue, DS b. Mar 2004

I saw a segment recently on tv (either Brisbane Extra or A Current Affair or Today Tonight) regarding milks. I am pretty sure that they said the same thing - there is no difference in nutritional value between 'fresh' milk and long life milk (and powdered milk for that matter). They actually conducted a taste test, and there may have been some marginal taste differences, but nutritionally, they are all equivalent (ie all full cream milk are equal, skim milk equal etc). I have given long life milk to James on some occasions when we have run out of 'fresh' full cream milk and had no adverse reactions at all.

James' Mum

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