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Son won't eat meat Lock Rss

My very active 2 year old will not eat meat. I have tried to disguise it in his much loved noodles but if he can see it he won't eat, he does however eat everything else fruit, vegies, dairy. I am starting to run out of ideas to serve him that either contain meat that can't be seen or with vegies only. If anyone has any ideas please let me know.

Hi bel77

have you tried blending it into a paste and putting it thru his food.

That is what I have done for my DD in the past (when she was eating)

It does work coz they can't see it or taste it.

Hope I have helped


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my daughter is 221/2 and she wont eat meat either. I give my daughter vegetarian meals for dinner . i give her mashed potatoe and carrots every day . if shes eating veges then thats fine for now. she will get all her protein and iron from potatoes. I give my daughter a curry puff. that has mince in it with potatoe. u could try that. as long as she is eating dairy foods and fruit shes fine. i wouldnt worry about it until shes ready. u could try making spagetti bolognise and jsut blend everything in and she wont notice the meat in it. hope this helps

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Hi Bel77

My DS hates fish when I first introduced to him, so I tried make it into fish balls. He totally loves it! Maybe it's because of the shape. You can buy fresh fish/chicken/beef balls from the Aisan supermarket but you can also make your own.

I had been making fish balls since then, it's not difficult, but it does take time, so normally I will make 1/2kg each time and freeze the rest. Hope it's useful smile

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There are lots of alternatives to meat. Why not find a vegetarian cookbook for kids?

Lentils, in the health section of the supermarket there is this mince that is not really mince. You just add water to it. There are lots of different beans that can taste delicious if cooked right.

Lots of things you can do...
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