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Anyone got and ideas on quick and easy finger foods for a 18mth DD fussy eater. She likes variety but im running out of easy ideas.


QLD, DD 29/10/2004

I usually just put a sandwich square from my plate into a dish with a cheese stick, 5 tiny teddies, some chopped up banana, or apple.
I try to change it every few days.
You could try some of these,
English muffins with vegemite, cheese, jam, ect, cut in strips
Any kind of fruit cut up
Fruit sticks, Jatz or Ritz biscuits
Grated, block or sliced cheese
Sausages, cheerios, or home made chips
Sandwiches cut and shaped with fancy scone cutters
Yogurt with fresh fruit
mini quiches, party pies on occasions
Every Friday night we have 'brown paper bag' night.
I get them cheap from woolies and the kids love it. I fill them with goodies like sandwiches, biscuits rollups, smiles chips and fish fingers.
I always try to have a variety so the plate doesn't look so boring, no less then 5 different things. It may only be 2,3 or 4 pieces of each but they love it.


my daughter is also a fussy eater so i tried her on spinach and ricotta triangles and she loves it.

Some ideas

Fish fingers
curry puffs
spring rolls
salada biscutes
sultanas with a few biscutes( i give that to my daughter goes down like no tomorrow)
Bread with nutella and sliced cheese
sausgage rolls

These are what my daughter eats. just try her on new foods and give it to her everyday untl she learns to eat it. dont force her she will eventually eat it whens she ready. i just leave my daughter by her self and she eats it wen i'm not around.

philippa mum of Charley chicken

I give DD homemade fish fingers...


Roll em up and fry them.

If you want the actual receipe, I can scan it an email it.

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