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Hi can any one help with trying to get my 17month old to drink milk I have just stopped breast feeding as I am pregnant and Jessica will not drink milk she spits it out I have tryed warm milk, chocolate milk, hot chocolate, formula and nothing will be taken she will eat cheese and have some youghart but i am not sure if that is giving her enough calcium any help would be GREAT

Have fun Deb and Jess

Will she have milk on cereal? Can you give it to her in small, disguised doses to give her a taste for it and then increase the amounts as she gets used to it? You have mentioned chocolate milk. Will she drink a smoothie made from milk, yoghurt and her favourite fruit? She might like to help you make it. Maybe add a little icecream? Drinking milk is certainly preferrable, but not essential. Calcium can be received in other ways as you have indicated. My sister's kids refused to drink milk once they outgrew the bottle and they are very healthy and active kids. I suppose it just requires you to ensure they do get their dairy through other foods.

I hope this helps.


Have you had any luck yet? Ella is just 12 mths old & has been weaning herself off her boobie feeds, is now down to 1 1/2 feeds instead of the 4 she was having. I too have been trying to get her onto cows milk but with no luck. Tried warm, cold, formula, she has a mouthful & then throws the cup (never had a bottle). I give her heaps of other things like cheese & yogurt & custard but I still think that maybe she needs more calcium.

Kylie, NZ - Ella 7/05/05 & Madison 7/6/09

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