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drop a bottle, add a snack?? Lock Rss

Just wondering when to expect to drop one of the 3 bottles DD has each day (around 200ml each one). I am also worried that I should be giving a snack. DD is nearly (2 wks shy) 12 months old and has 3 meals a day and 3 bottles. If she has a snack, I cant get her to each her full lunch or full dinner. Is it about eating 3 entire meals, or about eating every 2 hours or so?? Is the 3rd bottle the inhibitor? AAAAARRRRRGGGGG i hate the whole food thing!!!!
at about 12 mths, I was giving Michael a sandwich and then a bottle of milk. I began to find that he started to only drink a small amount of the milk, so I dropped that bottle. He hasn't missed it, now has 2 bottles a day. You may find bub may want an extra small snack in the afternoon. I found as soon as Michael started walking, he would go to the kitchen and tell me when he was hungry - I tend to give him some yoghurt which is healthy and dairy -like the milk (but a bit more grown up).

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