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Help 15mont old WON'T eat Meals Lock Rss

Hi there

My 15 month old daughter Haley, won't eat regular meals i.e. she might have breakfast but then won't have lunch or dinner, or might have lunch but not breakfast or dinner.

She is still putting on weight and growing but I am worried that she is never going to eat.

At one stage all she would eat was Hot Chips so I made them a healthy as poss just dry roasting in oven, and now she won't even eat those.

She is however still drink milk as I will give it to her if all elsse fails(i think if she is not eating well she can at least get what she needs from milk).

She is not filling up on milk first b4 I offer food either.

Can anyone please help me?
Is anyone experiencing the same or a similar thing?

Someone please email me on [email protected]

Thank you

eìí? DD Haley 2 yrs old eìí?

Hi haley's mum

I have a 18mth old daughter doing the same just dosen't want to eat and if she does eat its only a few teaspoons each time. I'm the same give her a bottle if she doesn't eat anything but she only has 1 during the day and one at night b4 bed so I don't really know what she gets her energy from. I have been told that toddlers don't let themselves go hungry but im not sure how true that is. all the foods she used to love spaghetti bol, fish, noodles now hates and won't eat much at all...

QLD, DD 29/10/2004

Thank you for replying both of you , It is reasuring that other mums are going thru the same thing although it still concerning.

All Haley will eat is cheese stick, biscuits, and will sometimes shar what I am eating(OH and hot chips with fish)

I know if she were STARVING that she would eat(I hope)

Breakfast is a no go same with dinner......

Am so worried about her but the doctor says as long as she has fluids (water, juice) and doesn't get dehydrated, she'll be fine and eat when she is ready..

My Q is WHEN will that be???

I hope you both have better luck soon

Are you like me and sick of seeing it all on the

Thank you

She use to love all those things too but now nothing

eìí? DD Haley 2 yrs old eìí?

My son is 17months, and eats next to nothing. He looks healthy, is growing and is very, very active.

He won't let me feed him - so whatever he eats has to be eaten without help.

He will eat yoghurt, weetbix, custard if all else fails. Mealtimes consist of mash, as he doesn't like lumps and a couple of bites out of something he can hold in his hand (fish fingers, sausage roll etc).

I have gone through so many cook books looking for ideas,

He does snack through out the day so I make mini muffins packed with as much fruit and vegies as possible. (currently eating apple/carrot/zuchinni muffin)

My older son has always eaten anything and everything, so why am I failing to satisfy my second child?

Sarah, Mum of 2 boys

Hi there

I think that I am finally getting somewhere with this "No Eating Thing" Haley has going on.

I took some of Kylie's advice and Have been letting Haley sit in her table and chair set in front of the telly ( i know that this could become a habbit too but right now I would prefer her to watch telly and eat than NOT eat at all at the kitchen table in a highchair)

I put a big towel down under her and the table and gave her a bowl of Ravioli last night (but gave her the option of a fork and spoon) and guess what?.......she ate it ! with hardly any on the floor.

I guess it made her feel like there was no pressure to eat what was in front of her??

Anyway did it again this morning with two pieces of wholemeal toast (with crusts) and she ate that too!!

I know it is early days but I am very hopefull that this will open her upto more meals and better food?

Thank you kylie for those sugestions, it has inspired me to make meal time EXTRA fun.

Hope you all have more success too


eìí? DD Haley 2 yrs old eìí?

Hi Niki1

I recommend giving this ago, Haley would have never usually eaten all of what she had in front of her, and yes use to love all the things that your little one did.

Even if it only works for a little while, IT IS WORKING!!

Give it a go and let me know if you have any success?

I think they enjoy doing what you do and if you eat by yourself they will too?

Good luck

eìí? DD Haley 2 yrs old eìí?

Hi Kylie

Haley is getting slowly better, I find she likes to et Cheese and Bacon bread and the other night she ate a whole bowl of rice with chicken and broccoli and peas, felt like a great victory!

Although I find that I can't always give her food on a plate or bowl as she finds it fun to tip it over her head and eat off of her self....hehe (I have learnt to put a drop cloth down underneath her...)

Thank you for all of your suggestions,


eìí? DD Haley 2 yrs old eìí?

Hi Haley's Mum,
Dont worry, you most certainly are not alone! I too am going through the same problem with my little girl! I find that there is more food on the floor or on me than in my little girls tummy, it is very frustrating...I have been asking for answers myself! I have discovered that lately( last 2-3 days) she has been getting better with her dinner even if it is only little, but I found that she wouldnt eat her dinner because she was thirsty...I know that may sound strange but I started giving her a little water bottle with her meal, and she had a drink and then started eating dinner! They say not to give them bottles etc an hour before meals, but Im starting to think that maybe it helped her, because she seemed so thirsty, and she does drink through the day as well. Like I said, Alicia has now had dinner 3 nights in a row- which is amazing. I also found that by sitting her in the high chair and offering food off my plate seemed to work a treat as well.
well please let me know how you go! and if you have anymore ideas Id love to hear them-
Good Luck-

Cassie, NSW, 15mth baby girl

hi iam having the same problem my son is 15 months and has been a really good eater b;fast 2 weetbix then two slices of raisen toast which he has had for ages now but now lucky if i can get one week bix down just closes his mouth and shakes his head lunch is ok then comes dinner shakes his head not interested in what he is having pasta vegies ect but if we all eat at the same time he will eat if i am eating and what i eat .ianm having the same thing with the hot chips if he sees them its all over .he still has 3 bottles a day 250ml maybe thats to much now not sure only when he goes down to sleep.well good luck but i also have noticed since he is getting more teeth he has been funny with his food


Hi Haley's Mum,
There is good news!
My daughter is 21 months old and went through the same thing at around 12-14 months. I used to get worked up about it and she loved pressing my buttons and throwing her meals all around the room. It was very distressing when she had always been such a great eater.
But then I figured that she was getting such delight from me being "stressed out" about it that I decided not to give her the satisfaction. I realised that it was my job to offer her the healthy food but not my job to force her to eat it.
We started three set mealtimes and two snacktimes and if she didn't eat what she was given, then there was nothing else. Once I made that decision, I stuck with it. For a little while things were still the same except I refused to react to the food throwing and then about two months ago she just started to eat again! She now eats a substantial breakfast, usually two Weetbix and a main meal at lunch and dinner - eg yesterday for lunch she had a salad with some ham and an orange for dessert and dinner was fish and vegies. Occasionally there will be days when she doesn't eat much but these are now the exception rather than the norm. So although it is easy to say, try not to worry, it's normal and Haley will eventually start eating again.
Hope this helps.

Carly - mummy to Alyssa, Ava and Mason

Hi Kylie

I have reverted back to the highchair as I had the same problem with a spaghetti incident.

Mind you as messy as it was - how funny did Mia look? Haley looked like a Pro Hart

Havent seen the suction bottom bowls - will keep an eye out as Haley loves to tip everyhting over her head

Btw, how old is Mia again 15 mnths?, just wondering as I think Haley should be talking more by now and can olny say a few words (she is trying tho) she can say Papa, Hello, goodbye(not very well) baby, what I think sounds like Doggy (as she knows what a dog is) and bottle.

Sould she be saying more or starting to string a few words together?

Where is Mia at this stage? as I may be a little concerned?


eìí? DD Haley 2 yrs old eìí?

Hi there FunnyMummy

Yeah I give Haley a sippy cup or bottle of water with her meals and she is getting better, I think that it is mostly her teeth atm that is stopping her from eating much but she is healthy and gaining weight so I am happy atm.

Her progression in other things are what are worrying me atm, like talking and walking, she is starting to walk and seems very keen but still doesn't say much but baby talk?

How is your little one at that? does she say much at this stage and is she walking yet?

I have to keep reminding myself that Haley was very prem and will be slow at developing but to see all these other little ones developing so fast is worrying?

Good luck in the meal time saga, and I will keep u upto date with my/her progress


eìí? DD Haley 2 yrs old eìí?

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