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Does anybody know much about food additives that affect chn?

My 19mnth old daughter seems to react to foods like tin spagetti, rice rissotto, and has horrendus nightmares when she eats them. We have kept a food diary and notice the difference with orange foods/sauces. Tomotoes and carrots are ok. She does have reflux still, but I don't think that is being affected.

She also seems not to sleep very well if she watchs tv in the afternoon or b4 she goes to bed.

Any info would be appreciated.

anna, chch,17mth girl

thats good she is eating or the things you give i hope she stay like that when she get older in life...

[email protected] plainland qld

try different things try mash potoes with gravy there is a book callBaby and tooddler food from family Circle it got different thing you can try Send me a Email on [email protected]


[email protected] plainland qld

Hi, I have had numerous problems with my son whom is now 2/12 yrs old and food additives and colourings. He is also allergic to cows milk. I cannot offer much advice as there is very little pre packed food we can give him, HOWEVER what I wanted to warn you about is that the items listed on tins to not neccessarily list all ingredients that have gone in to processing foods - so if looking on all labels, it may be hard to pinpoint an ingredient. If your daughter is refluxy anyway - maybe it may just be too much milk or egg. My son can have eggs but its the milk which gets him - stomache ache, food repeats and then the most vile diarrea. And the TV - wouldnt worry about it unless you let her watch violent stuff. We had trouble settling our son Daniel and usually found it was food related after when the poo came.

All the best

Louise, Vic, mum of Daniel almost 3yrs

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