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Very fussy Lock Rss

Pls I need ideas I have tried every thing I know.
My 3yr old is a very fussy eater the only thing he will eat is Pasta, peas,corn and hot chips. Oh and lollies chocolate and all that. He won't even try anything else!!! He won't even drink toddlers boost milk!!!

Jenn,W.A,3 Boys

I feel for you, my daughter is kind of fussy but she likes different foods than your son and all you can do is pretend it doesn't bother you. Some times when Neena doesn't eat for a whole day or something, it mekes me feel like a bad mum, but i know im not, i just let it get to me and i shouldn't, and either should you. All I can suggest is,
just try to not make a big deal about it or talk
about it in front of him, i would also continue to offer everything for him to try but if he doesn't, dont worry, my daughters flavour of the month is egg, so if she has that and she's happy, i guess that will have to do! Im lucky though, she really loves veggies, its the meat and bread and pasta she wont eat.

Sarah,VIC 18mth daughter

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