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2year old daughter 2 skinny Lock Rss

I have a 2yr old daughter who only weighes 10.5kg.Eats well but does not put on weight. She wears size 1 clothes.Been to specialest cant find anything wrong.Said to try fatten her up with food such as avacodo.potato with butter and plenty of meat.She has been eating these foods fo r some time but to no avail and has been eating them even before seeing specilest.Any other suggestions???
Maya had fail to thrive, which sounds horrible but is an actual medical condition. Her growth stalled at 7.5 kgs for 4 mths. She is now 1 and weighs 9.3. All I can suggest is heaps of good fats, my dietitian had me mashing avocado into her breakfast cereal, and mixing all her veges with 1tb olive oil. Also dairy if she can have dairy. maya is allergic to milk. As long as she is gaining weight, albeit slowly, thats a good start.

Mum to Maya Grace 02-03, Sienna & Mercedes 10-06

To Emmy-Lou,
Thank you so much 4 your reply. I'll give anything else that i am not already doing a go. I hope that all goes well with your daughter Maya. Thanks again
Hi what is your daughter height?
and what is she drinking like milk wise?
when is her birthday also what is her past weightss has she lost weight or is she gaining weiht very small amount at a time or she just isnt gaining weight what was she the time before she was 10.5kgs?
thanks 4 your relpy. alannah's height is 85cm,she has 1 cup of s26 per day. she just turned 2 on 17th march. past weight before she saw the specialist was 11.150kg now she is 10.5kg and has been that weight for about 4 months now. she is in the bottom 20% range for girls her age that means there are 80% of girls bigger then her and 20% smaller. hope to hear from you again soon.
Hi Sarah. I am no specialist, but I do know that some kids just dont put on much weight. My 3 and a half year old Breeanna wieghs exactly the same amount as her sister Shikaya, who turned 2 on the 15th March. I have a friend with a 4 yr old boy that is as small as them too. (my girls are littlies). They weigh about 13 kgs each. My eldset (now 13) used to be a tiny little thing too. I have an appointment next week for the two littlies checkk up (long overdue) so if they tell me anything worth noting, I wll let u know.
Lisa. Single Mum of 3. WA.
PS. I noticed there is just two days between our littlies birthdays. How cute.
thank-you for your reply,please let mr kmow how you get on at the know what the hardest thing is,buying clothes for alannah,i need size 1 for length but they just fall down on her i have to tack everything in.and yes it is cute that their birthdaya are only 2 days apart .hope to hear from you soon.
I know how that feels - Maya's tiny tummy is a size 0 but her giraffe legs are a size 1+. She is also in the 20th percentile for weight but the 97th for height. She just doesn't have an ounce of baby fat on her. She was in the 3rd percentile for a while when she was sick but has picked up a bit.
I just try to look at it form the point of iew that both her dad and I are overweight and struggle with that, so if she is naturally small that is a positive thing. And she eats plenty. As long as Alanah is getting enough nutrients from food/milk, she should be okay. Good luck

Mum to Maya Grace 02-03, Sienna & Mercedes 10-06

Hey sorry it took em a while to respond. i just wanted tot let you know that i have the same problem with clothes with my babies they are in size 2-3 length and size 00-0 for waste so i understand. her height isnt that large so i wouldnt be in for to much of concern she just is small and pertet cause 85 isnt very tall for a 2 year old so the weight and height fit intogether like my daughter is 89cm and just over 11 kgs and my boy is 92cms and just undert 12kgs and they are 2 years 4mths so there isnt much age difference between your little one and mine but there is a big height difference and they dont grow that much after 1 and a half till they are about 3 and a half. well its almost easter so maybe choc can fatten your baby up if she can have it cause my babies cant but instead i am buiying them clothes and a bunny rbbit cause at 2 they really dont care about easter as they dont know what it is. anyway good luck with your little one and let me know how she progresses. this is my email addy if you want to get in contact. [email protected]
I bought Maya a little bunny rabbit last year coz she was too young for chocolate, and thi syear she can't have it coz of allergies so she'll be getting another bunny rabbit

Mum to Maya Grace 02-03, Sienna & Mercedes 10-06

Hi, I can really sympathise with you here, My daughter is 23 months and her growth has seemed to have stunted at 8kgs and 76cm tall. so i really understand. Sometimes I worry if im feeding her enough but she eats like a fly, I used to all through my childhood too. I've tried a powdered drink called Peadisure wich is a supplement drink for children over 1 but she hates it then I tried Sustagen which she will have occacionally. I also get a vitamin supplement medicine called Pentavite with extra iron in it and she gets a dose of that every day so in that respect im trying everything. We have been to the dietition and she had me doing all the same stuff you guys are but that didnt make any difference. Kita has just had her check with the peadiatrition and she is now going to have a bllod test to see weather she has Celioac which means she is allergic to wheat and it is stopping her digesting nutrients and fats properly from her food or some type of problem with her genes or something to see if we can find anything there. Her peadiatrition has been keeping an eye on her for months now and said if things dont improve then she will start tests which she is starting now. so good luck with your little one hope i have helped in some way its nice to know that Im not the only one with a LITTLE angel!

Mel,QLD, 3yr old Nikita, no. 2 due october

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