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Help! My 14month old keeps hitting her mummy. Lock Rss

Help, any advice would be appreciated.
My 14 month old daughter keeps hitting me on the face everynight when I try to play with her in the evenings (she sits on my belly to play) and when she sleeps. I keep telling her to stop, but she does it more. Can she be angry with me for leaving her all day with a babysitter because Im working?
I've tried the assertive approach and putting her on her little sofa when she is bad, and she understands when she's done something wrong, she cries and goes away for a minute then comes back to me for sympathy. She's also been refusing to sleep in her cot in the last week (Ill leave her in the cot for 15-20mins and still keeps crying her lungs out) and only falls alseep in mums bed (within 2 mins) For peace and quiet, I get her and put her in my bed. She won't sleep unless its in my bed and my poor husband has been sleeping on the single bed for the past two nights. What can I do? Im so so desperate to try anything new. HELP!!! She's driving me crazy. Last night cause she kept on waking up (cause of teething issues) I didnt sleep until 3am then got up for work at 6am. Please give me advice!!!! Any ideas or solutions?
I won't be much help with the sleeping issue but I am experiencing similar behaviours with my daughter hitting and scratching me on the face. I do similar things to you - I say no firmly twice and on the thrid occasion in a row I put her down on the ground for a minutes 'time out' just to let her know I won't 'play' that game with her. She is slowly becoming more gentle but i think it will take a bit more time.
Hi Saf, Gee you are going through a rough time at the moment and it makes it harder cause your working as well. I have a 16 month old who was doing the hitting, pulling hair thing. All you can do is be firm and let them know this behaviour is not on. Raise your voice, put her down and tell her to go away until she can come back and be nice. My son was hitting my step daughter 9 at one stage cause when she was playing with him she would play with his toys but not include him. I sorted that out by telling her to read to him and stack the blocks with him etc. As for beating yourself up about the babysitting situation dont. Your daughter has found you in a weak moment and is playing on it. Put her back in her cot and start your usual routine as per normal before this happened. She can not sleep in your bed and should go back to her own. Yes its easy for me to say this and yes you have to indure the screaming but she has to learn that it is her bed and she will have to sleep in her cot eventually. Its hard when all was going well and something like this happens but you need to let her know who is boss. Sometimes I weaken and boy does my son play on it. So clever at 16 months. Be strong and you will get through this. Good luck.

Jungle baby

thank you for your reply and advice. Much appreciated. Since my last post.....out of desperation, I transferred my daughter from her cot to a king single bed, gone back to the routine of coming home from work, having dinner , playing, bathing her, and then her bottle of milk and put her straight into the new bed. And hey presto. Magically overnight success. I couldn't believe the difference it made. And she's been great since then (1 week now) and she follows the routine extremely well, occaisionally troubles me but okay to put up with. But what a difference the bathing made. Now my daughter baby sitter doesnt bath her and I do it. Sometimes she'll try to hit me but no where near before, What a miracle. smile
Now she wakes up once during the night and comes to my bedroom but I take her back (or dad) and put her to sleep with a bottle sometimes and she falls asleep with 30 mins. Shes been so good lately. sometimes I think back and ask myself was all that struggle really worth it? Anyway, thanks for your advice.
Hi Saf,
Fantastic to hear that you solved the problem.
Goodluck with everything.

Jungle baby


Thanks for your advice and support. Hopefully she'll be good for a while (fingers crossed) smile What a difference hey !! Thanks once again.
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