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11months old and refuses milk Lock Rss

My 11month old daughter firstly started to reject her midday bottle (before sleep) then she rejected morning bottle and now she has rejected her afternoon bottle (before sleep) and just this week for the last 5 days she has rejected her bedtime bottle which she usually falls asleep having in my arms now she goes to bed without milk at all....She has formula made up with her cereal and I have offered her milk during the day with lunch and afternoon but she still rejects it....
Any suggestions on how I should get her to drink seems she starts off wanting the milk has around 20mls and stops sucking and refuses to have anymore......
Does or has anyone else had this problem....
I was thinking of giving her the S26 toddler vanillla milk drink so she is still getting her calcium and vitamins....
She also has yoghurt and cheese during the day and maybe ice-cream after dinner to keep up the calcium there.....
Help anyone ?????????

As of 12 months it is not really recommended to give bottles anyway because of their teeth, and the fact that they should be stocking up on food not milk. Have you tried a cup??

The most important thing about milk is the calcium, so just make sure that your daughter gets 3 serves a day. A slice of cheese, milk on cereal, yoghurt, custard are good sources of calcium!



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I agree with Tepe,you should definately try a cup. Also don't be afraid to put quick or milo in with the milk. I thought I would never do that as it was bad for them etc,etc. I finally tried it in desperation and my boy drank it up with gusto and what was even better it only took three times with the chocolate and he then took the milk without it.

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Thanks for your replies Tepe and Kelba....
I have tried a cup with her she will have a couple of sips and won't take anymore i even tried giving to her through a straw as she loves drinking throught a straw but nope no luck there she is very stubborn....
But i am going to try the milo on here today thanks for the tip....
hi there,
i have a 13 mth old who also rejects cows milk. ive spoken to lots of different people about and they all recommend different things and none of it has worked so far.
so i have just come to the conclusion that she doesnt like the taste and its that simple.
my daughter will eat cheese, chocolate and yoghurt in small amounts. but she wont eat ice cream or milk so i decided this morning that she dislikes the taste and thats alright. everyone has likes and dislikes. i just give her plenty of 100% juice and other stuff (see she wont even eat cereal with mmilk on it either).
hope this helps

Kristi 5 kids.

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