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My 15 month old LOVES vegetables. Lock Rss

Hello Mums,

To all those mum's ot there in eating vegetables despair, I have a daughter that is 15 months old that loves her vegetables....

All I do is select 4 or 5 different vegetables, cut them into small hand sized chunks and steam them until soft, but still firm.

My daughter will happily feed herself brocolli, cauliflower, potatoe, carrot, zucchini, squash, pumpkin & sweet potatoe.

The only vegetable she is not keen on at this stage is peas.

I feel pretty happy about that.
What are your young toddlers eating?

My nearly 14 month old also loves her veges and will eat anything I give her, the only problem I have is that if I give her hand sized chunks to hold she squeezes them and mashes them all over her highchair and plays with them but wont eat them, she will still only eat mashed veges unless they are off our plate at dinnertime.

2 little darlings 29/01/03 + 17/03/05


Congrats, it is quite satisfying knowing your children eat well happily!

My daughter is the same with self feeding, i still help spoon feed her to save the drama and mess! She eats a jar of veges very happily each lunch and LOVES tomato and corn cobs!


DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

Hi, my daughter loves veggies and pasta so much and hardly eats any meat, i think she wants to be a vegetarian sometimes! But then again when i hear people complain that their child doesn't eat veggies, im happy!
Sometimes i put a dollop of cheese spread into her veggies and mix them up or to get meat into her i put a couple of tablespoons of bolognaise sauce ontop of her vegetables,which i freeze into small containers when there is leftovers.
Im happy to know mine isnt the only health freak toddler!!!!!!!!
PS: She loves mushrooms, zuchini, carrot, olives, beans and corn on the cob(cut into slices small enough for her hands!)

Sarah,VIC 18mth daughter

Hi neenas_mum,

Thanks for comments about eating meat. My daughter is the same. I am going to take your tip and try adding the bolognaise sauce. I have also tried diced chicken mixed in with the vegies... just another idea to put out there.


P.S. Health freak toddkers are the best smile
I've got a 12 1/2 mth vege lover, but she thinks veges taste so much better off mums plate! She will eat diced or mashed potato, pumpkin, kumara, broccoli etc, but off my plate she will eat some really exotic things like bamboo shoots and snow peas that she won't eat off her own plate.
She also loves her fruit. I think she would live on blueberries and grapes if I would let her. They don't look so flash coming out the other end lol

Mum to Maya Grace 02-03, Sienna & Mercedes 10-06

Hi Michelle I also have a vegie freak he loves corn on the cob he also loves pumpkin and potato. We are having a few issues with the self feeding as all he wants to do is throw his food. Any ideas on this. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy. Vegie lovers are the best!!!! Letitia.
Hi Letitia,

I have the opposite problem to you... I am finding it harder and harder to spoon feed "little miss independent" as she wants to ONLY feed herself and this can be quite a challenge.

I have found that if you give 1 or 2 bits of food at a time and your toddler throws it on the floor, it is best to create a diversion and give just 1 piece of food and say something like "yum, yum" if your toddler eats it then give then another piece... if your todler doesn't eat it, then maybe try eating it in front of them, again making a fuss and saying "yum, yum"... I have found that my daughter usually wants what mummy is eating.

At 17.5 months my daughter has decided she is a big girl now and wants to sit at the table instead of in her highchair... sigh. Is my little girl growing up too fast? (Just last week we made the transition from cot to bed, and now this)

My darling daughter is still a vegie lover and believe it or not eats broccoli like it is going out of fashion - weird I know! But as a mum I'm certainly not complaining!

Thanks for your well wishes with my pregnancy too... less than 10 weeks now till our little boy is due, getting excited and nervous as the time draws near.

All the best with your toddler too...

Sorry this is a bit of a novel, feeling rather chatty today smile

Hi Michelle,

I have a 13 month old boy, Nicholas, & he LOVES any food, especially vegies. I do exactly what you do. Select a few different vegies, steam them & put them on a plate for him to eat himself. He eats broccoli, corn, squash, corn, zucchini, carrot, potato, pumpkin, rockmelon, the list goes on & on & on!!! He will eat his meal & then want whats on mum & dads plate!!! It's so good to see them eating everything. It makes you feel like your doing something right!!!

I know how you feel about the "growing up" thing. When I put my daughter in a bed I was excited for her but a little sad too. My son won't be that far away from a bed either.

Good luck with the remaining 10 weeks & i bet you can't wait for your little man to appear.


Michelle - Mum to 2

Hi Michelle (feel like I am talking to myself wink )

Thanks for sharing about your 13 month old - Nicholas... I think we must be a part of the lucky few, or I am I dillusional to think that my daughter will continue to eat everything as she gets a bit older and more and more independent? How old is your daughter and is she a good eater too? I love watching my little girl scoff down her vegies in delight... and just recently she took a piece of steak off my plate and started munching away! What a sight to see...

I feel sad that my little girl is so keen to grow up, but very proud too... mixed feelings of great joy and sadness. I am sure once our little man is here I will be grateful for all the independence my daughter is showing!

And thankyou for your wishes for the next 10 weeks... I am kind of hoping they go fast, but then again, what sort of labour am I in for???

Hope your little man continues to eat well for you.

Michelle smile
... :} Sorry Michelle,

I just looked up and saw that your little girl is 3. It doesn't come up though when you go into reply mode, so I didn't see it straight away...

Anyway, is your 3 year old daughter a good eater?

Hi Michelle, (there are so many of us)

Yes my daughter, Georgia is still a good eater. Sometimes I have to push her to eat cos she gets distractred easy, but she does eat fairly well.
She is easily bribed too, if she eats her main meal, she gets dessert!!
I can't beleive that we have such good eaters, sometimes they start off great & then cool off a bit, but my two are going great guns. Nicholas is wanting to feed himself more & more. I gave him a little bit of yogurt in a bowl, some fruit(for dipping & a spoon...........well what a mess!!!! He had a great time & it doesn't bother me cos it all cleans up & they have to learn themselves.
Speaking about your labour, my first was 6 hours & my second was 1!!!!!!!! Got to hospital & he was botn 10 mins later......too quick I think as I was in shock & a bit sick afterwards. I hope you have an easy one.(are they
We seem to both be in chatty moody today!!!

Michelle - Mum to 2

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