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How to get a 2yr old to eat properly? Lock Rss

Hi well my 2&1/2 yr old daughter is such a fussy eater and very picky with her food she is very hard to get to eat a meal i dish her up what we have and have also tryed other foods but she eats hardly anything some days any ideas or help would be great thanx nat
I wish I knew, My 30 month old son will go all day with no food or drink. I am really worried at the moment I even offered a chocolate the other day so e had something and he refused it,. Whats going on I wonder?.

Maree NSW, Oscar 5 yrs and Anton 2yr

My 2 and a half year old is also a very picky eater he eats hardly anything.He will eat cereal for breakfast, then at lunch he mite eat a quater to half a sandwhich but when it comes to dinner he mite have a spoon full of it then thats it no more.The only snacks he has during the day is either a biscuit, muesli bar or fruit once in the morn and once in the arvo.Im worried that he isnt getting all the vitamins he needs to grow and de3velop properly as he doesnt eat any vegies or meat.Im thinking bout putting him on a vitamin supplement.Has any one esle done that?
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