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4 Yr Old - still has to be told to eat - HELP!! Lock Rss

I have a four year old daughter who still needs to be encouraged to eat every mouth full of food even if she is really hungry and it is driving us crazy as we cannot have a meal time without me or my husband running out of patience. She has to be told to fill her fork up or eat what is in her mouth at breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner. We have tried tv off, sending her to bed if she doesn't eat, leaving her on her own, eating as a family but nothing works. She likes lots of different foods and will eat a good meal but just won't do it of her own accord. Does anyone have any advice as to how we can get our child to eat food without us having to tell her to eat!!!!!

Amy, QLD, 4yr old & baby-14/12/08

is she doing this for attention ?
she doesn't eat...equals..she gets lots of attention.
when did this start?
and has there been any changes?"
have you tried not fussing over it....she will not starve and she will eat when she is hungry. has it turned into a game for her ?
lots of children go thru phases where they seem to eat next to nothing and the poor parents get very concerned. sometimes its just that tho..a phase. if your worried its more than that perhaps see a doctor. i would try not giving attention. as long as she has water and doesn't get dehydrated then she will eat when she is hungry.

keep us posted.

Danni, WA,

My step daughter used to do that for the negative kind of attention ( I think she was playing me and liked me getting angry)and it really used to pee me off. We had other kids present, so we would praise them for their good eating and would ignore her bad behaviour and she soon realized that it wasn't going to work. does she go to daycare or a playgroup or school where she can eat along with other children?

Another way is to make the food look like something and get her to help to make it. If she likes fingerfoods, encourage that too.

Hope this helps.


[Edited on 26/02/2008]

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