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How much milk? Lock Rss

I have a toddler, 15 months old. He is currently having 3 x 200ml bottles a day of cows milk. He also has cheese, youghurt and other dairy products. When do I drop a bottle and which one should it be?

Dee, NSW, 13mth toddler

Children need 3 servings of calcium a day, so there is no doubt your son is getting enough!
Firstly he should be old enough to have a go at a sipper cup, maybe you could start with the midday bottle and give him a cup with lunch!
It is up to each indervidual child when to give up bottles but do remember that the longer the habit is here the harder it is to break!

DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

I recently took my 12 month old son for check-up and was told by health nurse that a reasonable amount was cows milk on his cereal for brekky, a cup of milk with lunch and a night time bottle. Yoghurt, cheese etc throughout the day will ensure he has sufficient calcium. I have been doing this now for a week and he does not seem to be missing his other bottles at all.

Janelle Vic

My soon to be 18month girl still has her 3 200ml bottles of milk a day. Some days she will not drink all the milk other days she does. Milk is the only drink she has in a bottle, she will don't drink it from a cup as she does her water. Every child is different when she does not want her bottle she will let be know as she has done in the past. See what you son does, does he miss the bottle if its late? or does he not mind? take the lead from him.
i have a 12 month old and he has been on two bottles of cows milk since he was nearly 11 months and he chose that himself. i give him some watered down juice ocasionally and he hasnt wanted another milk bottle since
I am giving my 14 month old daughter 4 milk feeds a day. She has a great appetite and loves food and is breast fed of a morning and before bed at night. I give her a cup of milk with morning and afternoon tea and water with her lunch. I'm not sure if I should swap and give her water/juice with morning and afternoon tea and milk with her lunch or just keep going as we are.
I have a 16month old and she has 2.5 cups of milk a day. My pediatrican said that this was perfectly normal. It certainly doesn't interfere with her normal meals as they are given to her after meals. I say each to there own! I have a girlfriend's son who knocked back a milk bottle at lunch and has never had one since at that time. Sounds like you are doing fine to me.

Nae, Qld, SAHM with DD 7yrs, DS 5yrs & DD 22mths

I was told by my Maternal Health Nurse that toddlers only need an equivalent of 600mls of milk for the day. This means that if the child does not want to drink milk then as long as the 600mls of calcium is met in solids then that's fine.

My soon to be 16mth old will only consume 200mls of dairy in a cup for breakfast. Some of it she will drink, the rest will go into her cereal. And she will drink milk in a bottle up to 150mls before bed. Aside from this, she takes cheese, Yogo (a dairy alternative to yoghurt) and custards in between.


Pat, Vic, Toddler

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