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Swearing - any suggestions...... please Lock Rss

My daughter is 2 in July and has just started saying the F word. We know where she has heard it from (husband's family) and we are currently dealing with them but the fact of the matter is "it is too late".

I would really appreciate any suggestions on how to stop her using that word. She even uses it in the right context.

I do believe in smacking and I have tried that. I have got a naughty mat and I have tried that. I have tried talking to her and telling her it is a naughty word and I have tried ignoring her.

Any suggestions..... please!


you could try replacing the F word with something else. Correct her everytime she says it. Perhaps use a word like sugar or beep. everytime you hear her say f*** be quick in correcting her. She might take up that word instead. I dont know if this idea will work but it might be worth a try. Also have a stern word to whoever is saying the word in front of your daughter. explain to them that she has started repeating it and you would appreciate it if they would watch their tounge around her. If they give you attitude about it, make it clear that you are her mother and you dont want her speaking like that. If necisary threaten to stop taking her to see them if they refuse to stop. Its never nice to hear that kind of language coming out of a childs mouth and i commend you for trying to put a stop to it. Goodluck.

Mum to 3 boys

hi have had exactly the same problem, with 3 of my kids and i can bet i'm gonna have the same problem with my 19 mnth old, it sounds really harsh but i got them out of it putting pepper in their mouth. it sounds awful i know, but it has worked. it doesn't take them long to learn that their not allowed to use that word.
funny how all kids are different with this. my dd who is now 8, grew up around my brother who swears like a sailor(acutally worse every second word was either f or c ) and she has never said them, unless dobbing on her cousins for saying them........yet, ds(3yo) says them quite frequently as dh and i both occasionlly swear and he hears uncle say it etc........he knows they are naughty words because he tells me i'm naughty when i say them, but if he says them i tell him i'm going to put soap in his mouth, adn he doesn't like that, i think as they get older they learn to understand that you don't say them.....but yeah pepper, or soap(a really yukky one light the yellow sunlight is good)i smack if we are out in public and dont' have access to soap........they will soon learn not to say it......i know they learn by example and you really shouldn't swear in front of them, but in this day and age i don't thnk there are too many people who dont swear so they hear it everywhere..........just perservere, it could be your bub is testing the boundries to(ds does this all the time). hope this helps......cheers cat
i had the same problem we tried replacing it with another word, like truck and things like that when ds got a bit older we told him adults can say it but not children and he will get in trouble if he says it and we gave him a word to say like gosh darn, and its worked realy well dh even took him to the footy and said the things people were saying were horrible worse than he hears at home (im a bit of a swearer) but ds never repeated any of it.
A friend of mine always suggested distract them. Like if they say the F word, you say "Duck, yes Duck, quack quack!" and keep repeating that until they forget about the whole F word all together.

HOWEVER,... I tried this with my eldest when he was around 2. I had a near miss driving and I said the F word. Then he starts with "f..., f.... etc etc", so I said "Yes darling, Duck, Ducky, quack quack" and he said "No Mummy, not Duck, F....".LOL

Maybe you'll have better luck.

My two year old has started saying "f***ing hell" whenever he gets frustrated or drops something. I've found the best thing to do is not make a big deal about it-if you laugh(which is really hard not to do especially the 1st time!) or yell at them they tend to do it more for attention. We've found correcting him with the word "buckabung" works really well- we just say calmly "no Jay it's buckabung". He's even starting to correct himself now. I'm just dreading the day he says it in front of MIL though, as she's very proper and would be horrified!!

Beefyboyz, DS1 almost 3, DS2 18mths

Well I know that I may not be popular with my response, but my DS started using a number of swear words, he repeats everything like a parrot. I call them all naughty words and everytime he uses them I threaten to wash his mouth out with soap. For some reason he was scared of this and stopped, I don't know if someone at daycare or my parents have actually done this but it worked. Mind you out of the blue he started again and would not stop, so he got a cake of soap in his mouth and now is an angel.

My sister in law used tabasco sauce, I thought that that was a bit drastic but hey what ever works. It's like everything with kids do what ever you feel comfortable with and what works for you.

By the way, we did try the diversion method, smacking, naughty corner, ignoring and none of that worked, he just got worse.
[Edited on 10/06/2007]

My busy house

Gosh I thought I was so lucky. My now 17yo only ever needed to be told that there are words that are not very nice to hear from children and she wouldn't even say bloody in front of me until around two years ago.
Well little miss two is very different. She started saying 'aw, man' very early but tonight when I dropped something on the floor and said shit, she replied with the same repeated about five times. It's a turn of phrase that I have picked up from my mother and I really don't want her to keep it yet. My plan of attack is to watch what I say and go back to using Aw, man myself with an occasional, gosh darn thrown in. I ignored what she said tonight as I really think she would turn it into a power play. Have enough of them at the moment!

belinda that just reminded me that i did wash ds mouth out when he was using bad words at one stage and nothing eles would work, it worked but then if i slipped out with one he made me wash my mouth out with soap, i had to do it it was disgusting no wonder yours was so scared of it. but i havent heard a bad word come from him in ages.
We did the washing the mouth out with soap thing with my son too - he is nearly 4 now and we only had to do the soap thing twice and he stopped (and he was closer to 3 at the time). Unfortunately, he learned the naughty words from us, so we also did (and still do) the following: - when he hears us use a naughty word, he will tell us "that's a naughty word", and we will hold our hand out for him to give us a smack on the hand.

James' Mum

A useful strategy is to 'model' her language. ie when something goes wrong you make a very clear point of saying something like "oh dear! look what has happened" or "goodness me! what has happened here?" pretty much to the point where you may feel like you are going over the top with it. You will often find that children use these words because they get a reaction from it. The aim of it is for her to eventually use the language you are using. It won't likely happen straight away, but if you persist hopefully it will work for you. I work in child care and use this strategy every day in different situations. As I said, persistance is the key.
Good luck smile

mummy of 2 angels

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