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HITTING and THROWING TOYS! HELP its getting out of control Lock Rss

I've been really grumpy with my 26month old lately. He is in the terrible two's i know, and he did once go through a stage of hitting but now its come back so HARD its bitten us in the butt on how to get him to stop!? We are lost - where has our little boy gone? Hitting is one thing, but throwing toys is the next! OH MY GAWD, its so dangerous some of the things he throws might have pointy edges and they have come close - time to time - almost hitting our 7month old daughter. It's really bad, we have been putting him on the naughty spot for 2minutes and getting him to appologise and tell us what he did wrong. He now does this as if it is a JOKE and it doesnt affect him in the slightest! (which makes us even more mad)

Is this normal? im going insane! has any one got any tips, or helpful advice on how to cope with this?! -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

My little one is doing the same thing, although he is younger so it is really hard to apply consequences. A friend of mine suggested that for children aged 2+ you remove both the thing he has thrown and a toy as a consequence. You keep the toy for a week. If he ends up with no toys one week, or loses a particular favourite, he will soon learn not to throw things!It is really hard though, and so frustrating!!!!

i did the time out chair with my son too....and now he too thinks of it as a complete joke! he even laughs and tries to get of it when im "not" looking.
however if he throws a toy etc...i make him pick it up...even when he refuses...i don't back down, if he doesn't pick it up then he goes on timeout or i take the toy away for a day and explain why he can't play with it anymore. this is been working today he threw the washing basket and pegs everywhere and it took 15minutes and a timeout before he picked the pegs up..but in the end i won. but i guess we just gota keep in mind this is just another one of those phases they go through.
id deffinetly be removing any sharp objects that could cause harm to your 7month old...if that means taking blocks and hard toys away from your toddy for awhile..then so be it. it might make him realise he needs to be gentle.

Danni, WA,

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