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20 month old behaviour Rss

Hi all,

I'm just wandering if anyone else is going through the same thing. My 20 month old son can be very rough at times, he will pull off, very roughly, my reading glasses or sun glasses although I have made it very clear he should not be doing this by giving him a firm "NO". He also bites a lot and on occassion scratches, again I say a firm "NO" but he continues to do it.

Any advise would be great.

Mum to toddler

as well as saying no, do you put him down if you are holding him? try putting him down, move away and don't give him attention for only a few minutes but then he may see that he is not getting any attention for it? My daughter is nearly 3 and can get a bit rough at times and this is what i do, so hope it helps you!

Mel,QLD, 3yr old Nikita, no. 2 due october


My son has also been through this, and i agree with what kita's mum has said. I did the same thing for my son and it worked. I think it just comes with the age. Whenever he is a bit rough now i will say "gentle" and that works too.

Hope it helps


Mummy to Joshie 15/07/03 & Hannah Lily 26/02/06

Hi Sam. Im going through a similar thing where Bradley hits me, though its gentle but I still dont like it. I think it may come from me slapping his wrist when he is naughty, so i am stopping the wrist slapping. I just show him that it really hurts my feelings and let him know that it is nasty to hit people. I think the putting them down when holding is a good idea, as this doesnt give him a chance to hit, and lets him calm down a bit.

JZ mum to Bradley 17/08/03 and Heidi 25/02/06

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