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Hi Hayley,
That is great that your doctor confirmed what you already knew, that your son is doing well. You know your child better than anyone.
You have a nice gap between your two... I have been trying to decide when/if to have another one, but am 35 this year so dont want to leave it too much longer (this is just me I know lots of people are happy to have children when they are older). Whats your little boy up to? Mine has been walking for about 3 weeks, he hasnt crawled once this morning - it has been a combination up til now - so am wondering if he has past that stage now. I miss my little baby! He is a little boy now!!! He has been crawling since 6 months so he has been very active for a while now...

Suz, NSW

HI Susan,
My little boy has been walking for a month now, he has basically stopped crawling and just walks everywhere now and each day he gets faster at it like he almost running at times! I'm with you where have our babies gone?? They are such little boys now, my son is just so much more active and on the go more than my daughter ever was! My son started to crawl at 8 mths but only the commado type crawl he did this for a couple of months and then figured out how to crawl on his hands and knees until he walked.
The gap between my 2 children is great we wanted a baby sooner than I had Christopher but I had a miscarriage inbetween my 2 children, but I'm happy with the age gap. My husband and I are now deciding whether we want a 3rd child, if we do I plan to try by the end of the year as I'm 33 next month and I always wanted to have all my children over and done with by age 35, like i know I can be older but that is just my choice of how I want to do it. So if we have another bub there won't be such a big age gap between the 2 littlest ones.
Good luck if you do decide on having another bub. I noticed your boy is just a week older than my little boy so would love to keep in touch, if you want you can email me anytime,
my addy is: [email protected]
Would love to hear from you as noticed you have answered a few of my posts.

Hi, I have 20 month old son and he weighs 16kgs at 12mths he weighed approximately 14.5kgs - I don't think that it matters about what weight they are as long as they are healthy and doing the things that they should be doing for their age.

Carissa, QLD 2yr son

had her weighed just the otherday and she is almost 12kgs at 13months

Bris, Bubby Breannah 22.04.04 n Patrick 17.01.06

My 12 month old weighs 9.9 kg and has just lost 300grams in a week, due to eating problem which we are seeing a paediatrician about in a few weeks, but my gp has told me that because he is above 90% in his height is why they tell me he is underweight as they don't like them to go below 50% for weight if they are tall!
This probably doesn't help, but if your boy is tall, that might be why they tell you he is underweight!

kelly, NSW, 4year old and 2 year old boys and expe

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