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Our DS is 25 months now. He still weighs 9-10kg. His height (about 80 percentile) and H/C (50 percentile) are fine but his weight is under the 25 percentile line for his age. Anyone in a similar situation, and is it anything to be concerned about?
He is pretty active, and has a reasonable diet, doesn't eat heaps but isn't too finniky either.

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u really shouldnt have ne thing to worry about my son is way under the third perecntile for his age and is only just on 10kg he is 2.8 yrs old and is small for his age 76 cm tall so u dont really have much to worry about

Corey will be 2 next Monday and he is probably 16kgs, but mind you he has been a big baby from day 1.


Michelle, mum to Corey 14/3/03 - Bankstown

zach is 10kg and 80cm tall

small but 'normal' imo

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my son is 19 months. weighs 13 kg and 84cm tall

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my son is nearly 26 months and used to be a little light one until 2 weeks ago had a huge weight gain. i now find it hard to pick him up as i'm used to him being only 12kgs and now he's all of a suddon 14.5kgs. he's also taller(although he wont let me measure his height).

dont worry most kids will get lighter a month or so before having a growth spurt. adams always been in the lower percentile with weight and height, but you have to look and the genes he's come from it could even be a reccesive gene coming through with his weight/height.

Hi I have a 2 yr old son and he weighs 16 kilos.I dont know if thats normal or over weight or under weight he is very tall for his age though and many ppl mistake him for being 3 or 4.

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I have the same problem my daughter is 16kgs! Which is a big girl and tall she is about 92cm. She ws born big so she has had the head start. She is like way over the 90% line in her record book! My friend has twins are they are 3 days older then my dughter who will be 2 in May and the twins only weigh 10 and 12kgs and very short, my daughter looks like a 3yr old when she plays with them!

I wouldnt worry about your child if the child is happy and active thats good but all kids are different.

My girl loves to play and loves her food (healthy) and my health nurse is not at all concerned by her.

So dont worry smile

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My DD is 2.2yrs and is 87cm tall and weighs 14kgs
My 23 months old son is 87cms tall and 13kg

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My daughter is 25 months of age ands weighs 12.6 kg and is between 86 - 89cm won't let me measure her.
My daughter just turned 2 yrs and weighs 9.5kg. She was born weighing 450 grams at 23.2 weeks. She has never been above the 3rd percentile in weight. As long as your son is in proportion I wouldn't worry to much, there is a formula called Pediasure which helps to gain weight (gets added to milk).

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