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Hi everyone,
I was just curious to know when kids usually stop dribbling.My son is almost two and still dribbles,He was born with a cleft lip and palate and i was told he would dribble alot but he has had both his operations months ago and he still dribbles just as much as before.So i was just wondering if anyone else has had children who have dribbled for such a long time.

My son is two in 4 weeks and he still dribbles. He has dribbled since he was about two months old and it has been constant. I thought it would stop once he got his teeth but he still dribbles the same. I have been through so many bibs with him coz his clothes get really wet if he does not have a bib on. I don't think it sanything to worry about as i have spoken to other women who have told me ther children didn't stop dribbling until they were three.

I know how annoying it is as all their nice shirts get stained from the moisture all the time, but hopefully they will grow out of it.


Jess,WA, Baby Hayden

I have a son who is 18 months old and still dribbling
especially when he has a dummy.I also change his bibs so many times a day.I think it's just normal

mother of two vic

Hi there

My friend's little boy had a really bad dribbling problem. She ended up taking him to an orthordontist who discovered it was something to do with his teeth and the way they had come through. He ended up having the offending tooth extracted and the dribbling stoped just like that.

Rere, NZ, mum of three

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