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Has anyone had their child in any Montessori pre-schools? Lock Rss

Worth it ?

8 month old

I would also love to hear responses to this question. I have two in my area and I was actually going to check them out soon. They both start from 15 months of age. I am not quite sure how they differ from a day care centre except I think they try to "teach" more? Also wondering how the two differ in cost.

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As an early childhood teacher we studied Montessori briefly at uni. This website explains their philosophy a bit. They are quite different in approach to normal preschools. Teachers need specific training in montessori methods to teach there. There is a big focus on developing the mind and using real materials, teaching children 'adult' skills like setting a table, cutting up vegies. That's just the stuff that stood out for me, I'm sure they teach other stuff too. I used to babysit girls who went to montessori schools and their 3 yr old was so happy that she could help her mum prepare dinner! They were both very advanced girls.

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Not as far as I'm concerned.

My nephew and niece have both attended.
It's $1000 a term, and 3 years worth of 'pre-school' before school starts. My nephew has an IQ of 180, but the social ability of a mosquito! My niece isn't as clever, but still not too shabby, and the same personality.

BIL has already spent $12 000 on my nephews education, and then sent him to the local state primary school, fully aware of his high IQ and special educational needs. My niece is into her 2 year there.

My opinion is, unless they are extremely gifted, and have ample opportunities to interact with children in other settings, it's a waste. Yes, they do tend to be more advanced than your 'average' child, but any kid who has had $12 000 spent on their education before even starting prep is going to be advanced!

My opinion only

PS I also dislike it when children are taught that nothing they say is wrong, as in the case of my nephew. Well, sorry love, but you can be wrong, and i refuse to be told that i'm wrong by a 4 yo (as he was at the time) when i'm certain that i'm correct! I don't mind admitting to mistakes, but i'll be buggered if a 4 yo tells me that we don't call trucks trucks in Australia (He's English and they say lorries)

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Not my own experience, but...

My girlfriends little girl goes to a montessori preschool and she raves about it. I have been to pick her up on one occasion and I have to say that I was impressed with all the equipment and facilites.

Good luck with your decision.

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