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My son was diagnosed with protein intolerance when he was three months of age he is now nearly 27 months old and am having medical problems naerly on a weekly basis does anybody else have children with allergies I would like to hear from you.

fiona,vic,26mth old& 8mth baby

Hello Fiona,

I'm sorry to hear about your sons illnesses of late and his protein problem.

Do you know if he is actually allergic to certain proteins or intolerant to them, or have you been unable to get the acurate answer to that so far?

I have 2 boys (4 & 2.5yrs) who have both food allergies and food intolerance and it's been a long hard road to finally get their diet right and their general health as these problems can indeed lead to regular illness due to the immune system being compromised.

I would be more than happy to correspond with you if you wish, or alternatively if you'd like to ask what it is you'd like to know most, I'll try to offer any help & support I can.

Happy thoughts to you.

Kim, NSW, 4yr + 2.5yr boys

Kimee I'm sorry that you have had to go through this as well not just once but twice, it is a long hard road, everyday he shows a different reaction to a food item he is under the best specialists at the Royal Childrens Hospital.I would like to correspond with you that would be great.
Yes I have been told he has protein Intolerance but as you know you have to work out which foods he cannot tolerate which takes a long time he had all the tests done when he was 3 months old and was the leading case study for one of the doctors.
Easter is coming up and Lachlan cannot have chocolate however his sister can. I see the road ahead to be a difficult one, as his sister is not protein Intolerant and really enjoys her food.
I have just changed creches due to there inability to understand the importance of a strict diet, we have been in and out of hospital's but its got to get better Thank you for your reply.

fiona,vic,26mth old& 8mth baby

Hello Fiona.

Thanks for your message and your kind thoughts. Yes it is hard going sometimes, but having the right information is the vital key to getting anywhere with elimination diets and things become a whole lot easier when you have that.

I've included my email address so that you can write to me when you have time and would be happy to go into the whole intolerance situation with you. The best source of information I have found (other the the RPA Hospital Allergy Unit where we go) is information from Sue Dengate. Her books Fed Up and the Failsafe Cookbook are the best I've ever read on the subject and the cookbook is an absolute life saver. She also has a website with a wealth of information
Have a look at it when you get a minute (actually you'll need more than a minute). lol

Anyway - I look forward to hearing from you. I can't find any info about not being able to post my address in the message - so here it is:
[email protected]

Kim, NSW, 4yr + 2.5yr boys

Hi again Fiona.

Thanks for your message. I have been trying to reply, but the message is being rejected as your mailbox is full. If you happen to read this, see if you're able to clear some space and I'll try to send it again.
Kimee gasp)

Kim, NSW, 4yr + 2.5yr boys

Hi Fefe,

I sympathise and understand what you are going through. My son is 20 months old and is allergic to wheat, dairy, egg, nuts, yeast, goat's milk, rye, tea tree and possibly shellfish. Trying to find foods he can and will eat is extremely difficult. I think that you possibly have it much harder than me as intolerances are often more difficult to diagnose and protein is such a biggie. Have you thought about contacting a doctor or someone ( I don't know who) that specialises in PKU (phenylketonuria). PKU is a condition where the body is unable to process phenylalanine, an amino acid found in all proteins. If this builds up in the blood it causes irreversible brain damage. As a result people who suffer from PKU must be on a low protein diet for life. My point to all this is that you might be able to get some sort of dietary guidance from someone who knows about protein for a different reason.

I would love to hear from you. Here in Townsville there is no support for allergies and the doctors have been less than helpful. It has only been through personal advertising that I have been able to form a support group.

Please email me

[email protected]

Michelle, Townsville Qld, 8y, 21mth,16wk

Hello michelle its fefe here tried to send you an email but it failed so hoping I can contact you real soon sorry it has taken so long if you get this message my email is [email protected]
again sorry it has taken so long.

fiona,vic,26mth old& 8mth baby

Hi Michelle,

I have just discovered this website and wow this is great. Wish I new about it sooner. I sympathise with your son's allergies. Allergies are huge in our family and to my frustration my 14mth old son appears to be allergic to wheat, corn and lactose intolerant. There is probably other things in there but they are the main ones that I have worked out to this point. He does not get ill as such but corn causes him stomach pain (which brings on bouts of crying and waking through the night) and I have been testing wheat and found he is quite cranky, moody and naughty when I let him have wheat. And Lactose? Well when my milk dried up at 11mths and I put him onto formula he just stopped eating and started throwing up. So I feel quite frustrated some days trying to work out what to give him to eat that won't bother him and he is so fussy if he doesn't like the look of it he won't even try it. I thought maybe you might have suggestions on foods/recipes that I might be able to try. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Michelle, Qld, 1yr old boy

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