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Neat Toddler Tricks - Share some lighter moments with your toddler. Rss

Hi there everyone who reads this. I thought I would share a funny little thing that happened the other day.

I was winking and blinking at my son in his high chair. He couldn't wink so he covered one eye with his hand. If I blinked he covered both eyes with both hands. When he un-covered he shouted a loud, "BOO!". He was very proud of himself.

Another funny thing is when ever I tell him he is a good boy he gives himself a round of applause by clapping his hands. He has also started clapping if he knows he has done well with a toy.

Do any of you have other funny things that they do and give you delight. I'd love to hear it.

My son is 14 mths old.
Have a great day.
Hi Sandra-louise,

My son also claps himslef a round of applause when he's done something good and lets out a very loud YAYYYYYY!!! Even if i've told him he's a good boy for staying still whilst getting dressed!! its so cute and i love it because atleast they understand that it means they have done something good. He also does it wen he's managed to do something new like jumping....that happened 3 days ago it was so cute.

I love these moments and hope i remember them long into the future

Have fun with ur cherrished little ones

Hi Girls,

I love hearing these stories. So many posts on this site are about worries that poeple have its GREAT to hear the happy things in life!!!

yesterday while at playgroup adam found the glue! It was clear gum and he thought it was the best stuff but it wasnt untill 5 mins after he started playing with it i noticed wat he was doin. he was holding the stick with one hand pouring it offf the stick into the other then squashing it in his hands. i stressed about the mess at first then i realised he loved it so i may as well let him because it'll wash/peel off later!!! but the faces he made whilst doin it was the cutest!!!

Loves your kids to the fullest

Hi all you "SANE" (lol) mums and dads out there.

The latest thing that Tahnee has started doing is that when I lay her down in har bed for sleep she props her bottle up on her Pooh bear, Pats her self on the back and also "Trevor"(cabbage patch kid that actually looks like Trevor from Big Brother) gets lots of "MMMMWWWAAAHHHSS" and pats on the back to go to sleep by to. It is soo cute...hmm now if only I could get her to STAY in her bed when she first goes down....... lol

The other thing that she does is to "Growl" when ever she does something she knows she is not allowed to do.. Soo funny ..She gives her self away all the time.

Rose,SA,DD Tahnee 26.02.03

Hi girls me again!!!

How's every body going? really good i hope.

Just a short mention of adams car obsession. Everytime a tv ad is on and it has a car he stops and starts making watever noise the car is making!! Also last night my brother bought he's new car around (very loud and nice looking) and as he was leaving adam screamed CARRR NOOOO. as he wanted to stay with the car. We think he'll have a turbo noise down by age 3. he also knows wat action goes with wat noise as he'll lay on the floor with his cars doing noise gear changes and all then spin them roound with noises to match!! its great to watch.

Hi everyone again. Sorry I haven't been on the net for a few days. Hectic life here!!!

I am loving all your positive stories, isn't it empowering to know we are doing a good job! All the little moments of laughter we get out of our little ones is payment enough don't you think!

We have a couple of stairs (split level home), we take Leighton down the stairs and he proceeds to shut the stair gates and even immitates us totally by spinning the little knobs which tighten the screws.

BEAN BAG STORY, We LOVE THIS ONE! We are teaching Leighton to walk, and to make it a game we have a bean bag to which he walks to, (we move it out further and further...) anyway, the whole point is he does a beautiful dive into the bean bag once he reaches his goal. Face first!! That is so hillarious, my hubby and I pretend to do it first and next thing we have a body launched into teh beans. It doesn't hurt and Leighton gets such a buzz out of it.

WALKING - does anyone else have a baby who gets giggly when they realise they are walking and lose ballance. It is hillarious to watch.

Keep up with the great stories.


hi all!

my 2yr old is coming out with more and more hilarious things everyday! saturday we were out working in the yard and he just started singing! (loves his music, singing and dance this one). wouldn't believe what he was singing?! ...all my boys love "bad boys" (song), so he was doing a great attempt at it..."bad boys....dooo! bad boys....dooo!!!"...he has a high-pitched pixie voice if you can imagine! it was sooo cute, i just had to get it on video, and did he put on a performance for me??? even blew kisses to his audience!!! wink

3 boy bundles of joy under 6, qld

Some more singing!!

Leighton now loves "Row, Row, Row" to which mummy continues, "Gently down the stream... etc."

Get to the end and what does he sing? "Row Row Row" and on it goes... Last night I had to sing a rounder with him for at least 5 times. Just as well he knows the start huh!!

Another one is his rendition of "Old MacDonald", he goes EIEIEIEIEIEIEIEOE (for EIEIO) and of course we have the animal noises and full compilation of the song.

He always gives a joyful laugh to the sheep 'baaaa' that his loved ones give. Even says that cows say, "BOO".

This one is REAL CUTE...

We had a garage sale over the weekend and a little girl came in wanting to buy something for her mother. She picked up bits and pieces and then decided mum needed a magazine.

I tried to explain that the only magazines I had were Scientific or Mother & Baby or About Pregnancy magazines.

To which the little girl replied: "Oh, my mum loves pregnancy."

This was so funny and priceless, if only I had a video camera because she was so sincere and animated about it all and we were almost keeled over with laughter.

Out of the mouths of Babes.
Hi All, These stories are just sooo cute. I agree that it's nice to have this light hearted forum.

Here's a few cute things my 19mth old daughter has been doing. As we "speak" she is busy cleaning. She just loves to get the sponge of the sink (she is very tall) and go around the house and wipe down walls, floors, coffee table, me, anything goes. This is one trait I will definatly encourage!

The other helpful thing she likes to do is after her bath she takes the dirty clothes to her laundry basket. Once she has put the clothing in she gives herself a clap and is sooo proud of herself.

She also likes her animal noises but the cats in our area must speak some strange dialect as we get "miam", she also loves dogs but instead of barking she likes to imitate them panting.
Hi girls i'm loving all the stories!!!

My lil man is becomming such a character he now talks to u in bable and some english with a few arabic words thrown in(he's dad speaks arabic) its so cute and does all the facial expressions to go with it.

also if he wants u to throw him in the air he'll say up, then if u stop he'l say up again then he'll go more and then wen u think he's had enough he comes out with one more!!!

it's the cutest

Neway cherrish ur bubs

Hey everyone,

My little girl Jazmin (22mths) is learning the alphabet!! She can say A B C D, then she gets a little confused until she gets to W, and it comes out "double double". It is absolutely adorable. I know most of it she is just mimicking me, but i think she is also learning at the same time.

ALso, every time we go shopping, if she sees a ball, she says "ball" then runs over to them and starts bouncing as many as she can, making me run all over the place trying to catch them and put them back!!!

Allison, Mum to Jazmin
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