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I totally agree with you Narelle. Every child is different and each learn at different rates. I wish our health nurse would realise that too. She is forever comparing Nicholas to other children, by saying he should have been crawling at a certain age, rolling over at a certain age etc... She also says that he is too heavy, his head is too big, (he is above average in all aspects height weight etc...). This can be very worrying when you are a first time mum. I especially wish these professionals would get their heads out of the books and realise each child is different, they are not text book cases.

Karen, Vic, Nicholas 26/10/02

I agree too. My little girl is apparently 3 mths advanced for her age (according to the Plunket nurse), but I think she is just learning quickly because she spends 3 days a week surrounded by other (older) children at daycare and she wants to keep up.
Also find it hard to believe that babies are talking at 6 mths - bubs was vocalising from 8 weeks and saying dada at 6 mths but she didn't have a clue what it meant. Her first actual word that she understood and used in context was 'ta' and she was 9 1/2 mths.
PS. Don't fret too muc about bubs size, Maya is in the top height percentile and the bottom weight percentile so technically shes not in proportion, but she's happy, loks fine, is developing well and eats well, so I don't fret about it

Mum to Maya Grace 02-03, Sienna & Mercedes 10-06

I personally dont think there are advanced babies, all babies learn at different rates because of what they are exposed to and how they are genetically made up,

Just enjoy your babies, love them and reward them for trying, thats surely the main thing, i mean be proud of them but by saying your child is advanced just makes other people feel lesser about the job they're doing,


Sarah,VIC 18mth daughter

I don't describe my daughter as advanced, the PLunket nurse called her that. As I said, I think she is just learning quickly because she has a lot of exposure to other children and it is common knowledge that children learn from watching others. I certainly don't compare her development to other babies. She didn't even roll over till 7 mths. I'm just pleased that she is content, and after all the growth problems she has had, she is healthy and developng well.

Mum to Maya Grace 02-03, Sienna & Mercedes 10-06

Studies show if your child doesnt crawl for a longish period of time they have less hand eye coodanation, it is true study that has been proven,
I have to agree with the people out there that are saying stop comparing your child. I have twins and they are both very different in there own way they had to get a study on them when they were 6mths old to see if they were the "average because my son was stop breathing all the time and they werent sure if that left him with any damage. I just thank God it didnt and for what the test revelled my children are 2mths to 4mths older in the different cadigloryies but as I told the lady who conducted these tests is they are that much old to the averge kid there are kids that are out there that are consisided as average and there are people out there at different levels but at this age does it matter they are human beings that dont have any brain damage so why put a age spectrem on it.
sure i was proud to here my kids were smart but every kid develop at different ages.
i as a mother see my kids getting compared all the time seeing they are twins.
sure one is better at something then the other but they are individuals.
every child has there own uniquness. like my little girl can sing at least 7 different songs and the alphabet and counting so the verbal side of things
and my son is able to draw people with a body a face with circle eyes and a smile and a dot for a nose and can reconize 8 different shapes also has the ball skills that is very unque. so both of mine a diffferent. and yes i know i compared them then. but i put it as they are different no baby nor child is the same no matter if they are the same age or if they are the same sex or if they are twins or identicle twins. my twins have the biggereest attachment more then any twin i know, if one is sick the other feels it if one stops breathing the other one passes out. so my twins have a great bond but they are still individuals that do things at different times.
so dont worry about comparing things like activities.
looking at weight, height and things like that is something that is not so intrusive due to the fact there isnt much difference between that and that has a very much noted data on what your child should be.
I agree with a lot of what is already here. My daughter is 11 1/2 months and she is only pulling herself to standing at the moment. I think walking is a little way off yet. However, I can see her making progress each day so I know she is developing well and at her own pace. I work in education and know too well that is most imprtant to nurture your child at the level they are at rather than worry about how they are going compared to others. They will never be the same anyway.... Praise your childs efforts and let them learn in their own way and most of all, let them feel loved. If your childs basic needs are met then learning should follow naturally.
Dont think I was having a go at you...just wanted to point out that the word advanced is a little irrelevent as every child is just SO different, I have been told by almost everyone i know and meet that Neena is advanced but i really dont take much notice....i also have a friend whose child is two and says around 10 words which is as health sisters and some people put it ....slow. But she is a happy and healthy girl and her mum shouldn't have to feel like she's doing something wrong. If we all just accept that children learn at different rates and get over it, i think everyone can celebrate their childs acheivements and be happy with their childs progess!!!!!!!

Sarah,VIC 18mth daughter

Sorry, I thought you misinterpreted what I meant. I totally agree, and for the meantime am just pleased that my daughter seems to have her mothers brains and not her fathers lol

Mum to Maya Grace 02-03, Sienna & Mercedes 10-06


Yeah.... me too!!!(lol!!!!!)


Sarah,VIC 18mth daughter

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