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Screaming - Driving me crazy!! Lock Rss

Hi, My 2.5 year old is driving me crazy with his screaming - such a high pitch scream too. When at home he is sent to his naughty spot and generally works for a little while, but when we are out and try and discipline him he will scream so loud - it's very embarassing. Because we can't use the naughty spot he knows he can do it and get away with it. How do we deal with bad behaviour out of the house that will work. I don't think disciplining him when we get home is the answer it needs to be immediate but not sure how.

Mum to Bub

have you tryed to say if you keep this up we are going straight home or find a naughty spot where you are and sit him there for what ever amount of time you do at home

mum to 3

My lil' man is only 19mths and his been doing lil' tantrems. he literally sits, lays down head in the floor and cries!!!! at the start it was cute but Annoying and Naughty!!!!!! and just now his started with Winging screams (my partner refers to it as the screaming caterpillar from the simpsons - if you've seen that episode)........

i think the reason he has started is cause His the boy........ we have 2 girls and him..... and no i am not using his Gender as an excuse - its far from it...... ive spoit him badly... so it is my fault - and dads fault and grandparents fault not to mention he goes to day care and is absolutely spoilt there too......

i spoke with his teachers, family and friends - cause i wanted this to STOP......... we manage the 'USE OUR WORDS" method---- my son is very smart with his vocabulary - so when he tantrems or scream I pick him up to stand (not pick him up to hold) and look him in the eyes and say "Lets use our words" then ask him basic questions "what is wrong, what would you like" if were at the shops i do the exact same, obviously its usually crying cause he wants something that i am not going to buy --- the easiest thing is distration and bribery... once again "Use your words" response "thats alot of money how about this (thats if your wanting to buy something" or "WOW - look over there (distract sight to something else) and move to where you refer too" the crying might last a lil longer but with enthusiasm and encouragement it soons stops.
and by letting them Use their words shows them you care what they are feeling and thats very important now a days.

NSW, 17mth boy, 5 & 6 girls

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