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Learning to Speak Lock Rss

My just turned 2 year old son doesn't any words except "no", and refuses to respond by throwing a tantrum when I try to get him to say a word. Does anyone else have a similar problem?
Hi my son was similar, at 18months he said about 3 things so the clinic nurse refered him to speech therapy. The main thing they said is that there is receptive language as well as actual talking, so if he can understand etc that is not so much of a problem, take him to the clinic get a referral.They will coax words out of him as htey did with my son! My son is now talking TOO much! LOL!

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

My just turned two year old also doesn't say very much and makes an groaning sound everytime she wants something. My husband and I have tried to get her to tell us what she wants with little sucess but when she hears a word she hasn't heared before she will try to say it, she also says a lot of two and three word sentences but the one thing I find most frustrating is she calls me daddy all the time and only when she wants to calls me mummy. One thing I will say for my daughter she may not be able to say has many words as I would like her to but she is extremly smart in everythig else that she does and picks up on other things very quickly and for that and the fact she is happy and healthy we are very grateful.
My two y.o. is exactly the same, she to doesn't say very much and it really gets to me, but with my situation she hears two languages,English & Serbian, so I know it is alot for a two y.o. to take in, but she also has a 11yo brother who can't stop talking so I thought she would have pick it up by now, but the thing is is that they will start when ready.When this happens we won't be able to stop them!

LittleSasa,SA girl

dont stress to much kids all do things at different levels my son is almost 2 and speaks alot but only cause he has 2 older brothers.
I have a 2 1/2 year old who speaks so well, so clearly and says bigger words then I can say and he has be speaking since I don't know when, but before he was 2. His brother is a year older and speaks all the time, but no one has been able to really understand him except for myself. Everyone was concerned although I was okay about it, so I took him to a speach pathologist and she said for his age he was speaking very well, the fact was everyone was comparing our 2 boys, and that is what happens all the time in society. Our older son is now speaking much clearer and I believe it is a combination of him being older and also they are going to childcare 1 day a week. So if you are really worried perhaps look at childcare or somewhere where their are lots of children for them to talk to.
HI Rachel my name is Karen and my son is 2 and 3mths. He says a lot of one words and tries most time successfully to repeat what you have said to him. It is very frustrating as he grunts when he wants something and friends with kids the same age are talking really well. They have said not to worry he will talk when he is ready.
My cousin didn't speak until he was 4!!!!!! Of course, that really worried his parents at the time. i wouldn't worry about your son. When he is ready, he will start to speak

Violet, 20 month old son

hi i was just thinking about posting a simular post as my son who is 4 mths off 2yrs doesnt talk he just makes noises and he is saying mum at the moment but not actualy to me. the plunket nurse said if he hasnt got a few words under his belt by the next visit just before he is two then will have to go to speech therapy but i was not to be alarmed and its not anything im not doing its just him. i must say that i have noticed he is very much a do'er than a talker. no one else knows what he wants but i do and since im with him 24/7 i dont see a problem till he goes to kindy but he is a very bright young boy into everything and picks up on things very easily so like someone else said dont worry it will happen when it does and then you will be complaining of the non stop talking LOL.
it was great to read this post to put my mind at rest so thankyou for asking the question and thankyou everyone for posting.

jaks, mom to alex & casey (napier, new zea

my now almost 3year old son was the same, had minimal language at 18mths, by 2 years he had no more words, he was sent for a hearing test and they said his comprehension was outstanding so not to be concerned he will talk when ready. Therefore he didn't go to speech pathology. The funny thing is that we put it out of our minds thinking he would start talking one day. We took him to the dentist for a check up to get him used to going to the dentist and it was there they noticed he was tongue tied and couldn't believe it hadn't been picked up before. Not saying that any child who doesn't talk is tongue tied but it is another reason for them not talking which is often not thought of. He has had surgery to release his tongue and almost instantly is having real full sentence conversations. He now talks non stop.

Michelle, 2 boys, 2 3/4 and 17mths

Hi Rachel,
I don't have that problem however I do have a friend who's little boy wouldn't say a word until he was nearly two and a half and then he just started talking in full sentences one day. I think if you know that he can hear you and your doctor isn't worried just give him time.
my nearly 2 yr old daughter won't say a word. Whever she wants something she just points and my partner and I have tried to get her to say what she wants, but she refuses. It can get very frustrating at times especially when we can't figure out what she wants. She reeads alot of books and watches t.v. And we have seen her moving her mouth as if she is saying something (although not making a sound) but she just won't say anything.
I know she has no problem with hearing because she responds when being spoken to.

This very frustrating for me as we have 4mnth old too.
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