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can anyone help me with nits i have tryed everthing that i can think of she is get them all the time is there anyone out there that has a greet idea i hope so ans if so please leave a msg thankyou o my mane is michelle and i have 3 kids to ty
Hi I don't know if will work but if her is long enough try putting it up in a pigtail, this should make it harder for them to get in. My mum used to do this when I was a kid. Also when she does get them you need to wash everything, bedding, hair brush, air her mattress etc. They also like clean hair so if keeping her hair a little less clean is an option then this may also help. Good Luck!

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Hi Michelle,
Lice is a terrible problem and once you have them they can be VERY hard to get rid of. Breaking their breeding cycle is really important so complete treatment of the whole family and house is a must. I have been teaching primary age students now for ten years and every year without fail there has been a breakout. I even had them for the first time this year and I felt terribly ashamed although the reality is, it was not my fault. It is true they like clean hair and as they move up and down the entire strand of hair, and not just live on the scalp as many people believe, they can be transferred easily. The best thing to do is to give each of your children their own brush, hats, towels and bedding.
If you have an outbreak, wash all bedding, head wear, brushes etc in hot water (you can get treatments from the chemist to soak things in), vacuum all mattresses and sit them out in the sun as lice don't like the heat.
I couldn't use any chemicals on my hair as I was pregnant and then breastfeeding so I tried a cheaper alternative which is the only one I recommend to my parents (as lice are becoming more tolerant of the chemicals we typically use to treat them). It takes longer to treat the condition but is much cheaper and requires no chemicals - it's No Frills Conditioner. It sounds crazy but if you saturate the hair in cheap conditioner it acts like a glue. The lice just can't get about. Once all the hair is covered fully, comb through with a nit comb to remove any bugs and eggs and wash hair normally. Dry the hair with a hair drier too. Do this every 2-3 days for 3-4 weeks and you should find that bugs well and truely gone. I believe the eggs take 7-10 days to hatch and the bugs mature quickly. An adult female can lay 5 eggs a day which allows them to reach epidemic proportions quickly.
We often don't see the bugs in the hair as they run away from the light as we part the hair looking for them. The closer you find the eggs (attached to strands of hair) to the scalp, the newer they are. If your child has lice, they should be treated before joining other children again as they can spread easily.
I hope this helps you out.

Peta, NSW, mum of 2 gorgeous girls

my 3 year old gets them from pre school i tryed malt vingater you put it in and comb though the hair with a fine tooth comb and it gets rid of eggs and all i do this twice a week no more nits

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Headlice is such an awful thing to have to deal with. I have a one year old son who is my first child and I also have a step daughter who stays with me every second weekend.
She has had headlice now for two years straight. I treat her hair everytime she is at my house and do a really good job, the problem is that nothing is done at her mothers house. The bedding is not washed and her hair is not treated. This poor little girl isnt even at pre school so its not comming from there. I am horrified that my son will get them or I will get them. Neither of us have gotten them so far but im sure it is only a matter of time as his hair is growing and becoming quite thick and mine is very long. I am spending a fortune on solution. I guess what im trying to say is that you can use all the solutions on the market, but unless the child has someone to repeat the treatment in seven days than nothing will work.
Someone has recently suggested to me that I try and smother my step daughters hair in conditioner and this allows the nits to be paralised momentarily so you can brush them out. The eggs are supposed to be easily romoved also. I have not tried this yet. Ill let you know how it goes
I can understand your frustration at the cycle not being broken but it'd just make matters worse if you made an issue of it. Do your very best for your step daughter by showing her all the care and love you can while she is with you. The worst thing you could do is discuss your feelings regarding her mother while she is there. Try to focus on the positives for her. I can only thank my mother for not bad mouthing my father in front of us when they divorced. It allowed us to make our own judgements on him as we got old and mature enough to understand the situation for ourselves.
I think that you're doing the right thing treating her while she is in your care but be thankful that when she finally goes into school or child care, they will send her home if she has the problem as children are excluded until it's treated to reduce spreading the buggers.
Use No Frills cheap conditioner on the hair. It acts like glue and momentarily stuns them so you can get them out easily. Hunt around for cheaper pharmacies too such as ozepharmacy & pharmacy direct. Many of them have web sites and they may do a better deal for you on the treatments if you become a valued customer.
I know they're a problem and all I can suggest is to treat all the family members frequently so that you don't get them too.
Best of luck,

Peta, NSW, mum of 2 gorgeous girls

Depending how old your kids are we tried a great thing. although it can not be used all the time we found Spray insect Repellent.
Believe it all not it really works. The nits just were falling out of the hair DEAD. Which is very important.
But it cannot be used all the time as it hads a tendersy to dry out the hair. So in the mean time we use the condition treatment.
Hi everyone.

I have a three year old boy and an 8 year old step daughter who have both had repeatedly bad lice from daycare. The best thing I've found is plain old brown vinegar. I just dip the lice comb in the vinegar and comb through the hair. I've used it several times on my son and even on myself. It works a treat. I know of a lady who combs vinegar through her children's hair once a fortnight and if any lice come out (very rare) she treats it more serverely (still with vinegar). It even gets the eggs out. It seems to break down the "glue" that attaches them to the hair. Good luck everyone with this shocking problem.

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As a step mum of an eight year old and with two babies also I was almost pulling out ym own hair as to how to get rid of lice. Nothing was working for us with the eight year old. I would treat her hair with the chemicals and comb out her hair with a flea comb, it's finer and worked great at getting the eggs out with conditioner in her hair to make it easier to comb. I talked to my local chemist to try the newest products because they seemed to be immune to the chemical treatments.
Well after all the sweat blood and tears and then more tears, not only are we rid of them but she has also been rid of them long enough to get a hair cut and thinned out.
The thing I'm using now sends an electric current down the hair strand to kill live ones as well as combing out the eggs. It's called Licetec. It's a battery operated comb and even though the initial outlay is around $60 it's well worth it when you don't have to spend the money on chemicals all the time.
Hope this helps as believe me I understand the frustration and upset that they can bring the kids and the parents.

Mandy, VIC, 2 girls under 4

Mean as it sounds, I shaved my 11 year old's head when she was 8 because she had nits continuosly and wouldn't let me treat them or comb them out. She has had them since her hair grew back, but it's amazing how well she sits still and lets me treat them now!
We also put 2-3 drops of titree oil in the shampoo and conditioner. this wo'nt kill nits but it will coat the hair and help stop your child catching them.

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Good old headlice don't us mothers just love them,
I have a seven year old daughter and we went through a terrible time at pre-school, we just couldn't get rid of them. Finally after many chemical treatments KP24 etc they were gone, but me best advice is every day when I do my daughters hair (which is very long) we spray first with a water bottle, containing water and conditioner she also never goes to school with her hair down. Hope this helps but so far we have been lucky.
Good luck



My 6yo niece was constantly having nits so her mum used quarter of a packet of hair dye in her hair once a month (the same colour as her hair) and she hasnt had them since, she uses the rest of the packet in her hair as she works in a daycare centre and she hasnt had them again either.
The expensive solutions for headlice dont work after using them every couple of weeks.

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