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My 18 month old Daughter bites I don't know where she gets it from as none of my girlfriends kids bite & neither does her older brother.
She doesn't go to daycare either.
I have tried smacking her & even biting her back but she doesn't care.

All help would be appriceated

Hi Bec,

I have a 17 month old daughter who went through a biting phase about 2 months ago. I found it very distressing! She doesn't go to day care either and wasn't exposed to any other little biters.

I found that smaking and biting back did not help. As awful as it is the best way to stop a biter is to make it a bad experience for them. With my daughter we tried ignoring her when she did it and if that didn't work we would use the time out method and put her in her room. The less you react to the behaviour the quicker it will (hopefully) go away! My daughter stopped biting as quickly as she started, so here's hoping it is just a short phase that your daughter is going through too.

Also when ever we suspected she was going to bite we would say a harsh "No!" and give her a very serious look. I think she soon got the message.

Goodluck with your daughter... I know this is a very annoying phase, but it does get better.

Michelle smile
Tar Michelle

I can't wait for this stage to be over then I suppose into another.

Thankyou for your advice I will hang in there.

Hi Bec,
I find that my daughter bites when she eats a food she's intolerant to & before she could communicate effectively (she had hearing problems that required grommets) she would often latch on through frustration.
Her little cousin was a biter & my sister-in-law & I found placing a VERY HOT chilli flake (just 1 did the trick) in their mouth was the shock they needed.
They stopped biting once they knew we'd put the chilli flake in!
I hope it's getting better for you.

Peta, NSW, mum of 2 gorgeous girls

My daughter is a bit younger - 13 months - but I found time out to work as well. She would latch onto me at every opportunity so I would say firmly "no!". She would stop and look at me and try again. I would give 2 'no' warnings and if she tried the 3rd time I would simply put her down or move her to the other side of the room, facing the wall and quickly walk away. Sometimes she would cry, other times she would simply crawl over to a nearby toy and play. I would only leave her for about a minute. All in all it worked - it is a very rare occasion when she bites now. I htink time out is positive as it diffuses the situation and redirects the child towards something. esle. I don't think I'll try the in the room time out until she is 2.
Thanks Guys

The biting stage has GONE

Thank god!

See Ya

Hi there,

My son has recently started biting, thanks so much to all of you for sharing your stories. I'll try your magic hints!!

My son also was biting rather hard the other day and I thought this was 'out of character' for him. He also had a temperature and we found out at the Dr that he had an ear infection. One friend of mine suggested that the biting may actually be taking some of the pain away (like when we get lollies on airplanes etc?) Has anyone else heard of this? Or was my son just getting away with what he could while he felt rotten. I must say he's had antibiotics and he seems much 'better' today and no biting...?

I'd love to know your thoughts on this. Thanks.
I have twins, one of whom started biting at 8 months of age. It seemed to be frustration he experienced when interacting with him sister. He went thorugh phases of biting constantly for months and I spent alot of time apologising to other mothers who were horrified, but I have learned a few things:-
* Biting back doesn't do anything, it just teaches them that 'an eye for an eye' is okay. His sister started biting him back and it didn't stop him.
* Be consistent when your child bites; I say 'No biting, biting is bad, look at poor ...... she's sad' and give the bitee lots of attention while ignoring the biter.
* I find it's linked alot to his teeth, he bites more when he has teeth coming so I keep teething rings in the freezer and if he bites (or looks like he's going to) I give him something to bite on.
* All the times he could have bitten, but didn't I give him extra praise and cuddles.
* He has bitten me a couple of times and it really hurts, so be understanding of the child who has been bitten.
* You've really got to catch the biting as it happens for 'No' in a harsh voice to be effective, so when other mums march up to you at playgroup with a 'please explain', explain what you do when they bite and don't feel (too) bad about it.

My son is 23 months now and he's still biting, but less often, thank goodness!

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