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My daughter (2O months) is nearly 14kg and happily wearing clothes (especially tops and jerseys) for a 3 year old. She has always had a great appetite and eats breakfast, lunch, morning and afternoon tea, and a light supper before bed time. I love her buddha tummy but her Dad is worried that she is too big. Our Dr has assured us that she is fine, but, because of all the stuff on tv about overweight children etc, we can't help wondering if she is already on the way to being an overweight child. Neither myself nor her Dad are overweight. Many clothes I have bought her have been too small or have only just fitted her, so I have given up and now only buy a size 3 or 4. Am I being tricked by small clothes?

Dunedin, toddler girl

My beautiful daughter has always weighed more than others her age, and at 18 mths she weighed 16 kg. I was terribly worried thinking that she was going to end up being teased at school because of her weight. The health nurse assured me though that she was very healthy and that her weight was right for her! The percentile charts for weight indicate that though she is not "average" (she weighed 9p 8oz born!) she is gaining weight at a healthy level. I have since gone through her photo's taken month by month and have noticed that while in some she appears slim, others she is quite chubby. Some months she must put on weight and others she must grow taller, hence it all evens out in the end. Now I have stopped worrying, and just ensure that we all eat a balanced diet and keep active. As long as our children are healthy and happy there is no need to worry about the size of their clothes!

Heather, Colac, Vic, 22 mth old daughter

My daughter is 2 years old and is 15 kg at around 20 months she was 14 kg. I too have the same problem with clothes and have to buy bigger clothes to fit her. My friends who have smaller babies and weigh around 12 kgs find size 2 clothes are small also. I have found some makes are more generous than others.
hi Penny,
my son is 16.14kg at 1yr old, he was 7.3lb at birth. he eats most food put in front of him, but doesn't eat more than your average kid. I put his weight & size down to genetics, that's not because of denial either. All the blokes in my family are of solid stature, not fat (well not untill later in life) but solid, the women are also not 'danity'. Don't worry i don't (anymore) because as he gets older & more active, the weight should come off. And if people comment on what a big child you have, tell them not to be so rude, you don't call them big, fat ugly etc. We have to raise these kids as well balanced individuals & having others comment like this does'nt help when we are already 'a little' concerned. Love your child as she is & worry when she gets closer to school age if it's still a problem then. remember if the drs are'nt worried why should you be, they are supposed to be the experts. My son is in size 4. She will probably lose weight & go back into the smaller sizes, that's why i've not thrown out or given away anything yet. My advice in a nut shell, wait & see.grin wink

flossie wa 2 yr son

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