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My son Christopher is almost 18 months old and he won't talk all he does is squeal as loud as he can and point everytime he wants something and he does it constantly. I have another son who is 3 and he has always been advanced in his talking and talked early but he was only around adults. What is the normal talking development for a toddler and how can i get him to start talking? He has said mum on the odd occasion but that is it.

Your son is still very young, and he still may amaze you and start talking real soon!

Otherwise, you could see your Dr or Child Health Clinic and ask them their opinion! If you think there may be a problem, chase it up! The earlier any speech/hearing problems are detected, the easy it is to rectify!

Take care,


DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

Thanks for your reply and i will take him to a child health clinic just to check as i am not sure because i know all children develop differently but my older son started talking so early.

Thank you
Good luck with the Health nurse. My daughter is an early talker, but there are several children at her daycare who don't talk at all. Some kids are quiet by nature, this doens't mean they'e slow, just that they think rather than speak. Rest assured that he will learn to talk when he's ready, and you'll eventually be wishing he would shut up!

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Not that I think it is anything to be worried about at all but a friend of mine was in the same situation and her dr told her that when her girl pointed to things not to get them for her straight away and to just repeat what the item was and to then keep saying what do you want to encourage her to use the word rather than just pointing. I don't think I explained this very well but hopefully you can work out what I am trying to say!!

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Thank you for replying and it does make me feel better to know that it is common because my eldest son started talking so early.


If you know his hearing is fine then don't worry about it too much. My friends son is 20mths and has only started to babble and baby talk in the last 2 months. Only real word he says in Mum . They all get there in their own time, read and sing to him often to encourage him.
I have a son 17 months old. He didn't crawl until he was almost 13mths and just started walking a month ago. I took him to child and youth services for a check up after also being concerned that he was not talking. Nicholas did the same and only squealed. We are now booked in to see a speech
theripist next week, peaditrition and the end of April, hearing test in July (although we don't think he is deaf ) and the developmental unit at one of the hospitals when the waiting list becomes avaliable. The child and youth nurse was very good as she sat down with Nicholas and spent quite abit of time with him, looking and all his motor skills and were she thought he was delayed. The nurse also told me at his age he should be saying 6-10 words. I think its a good idea to get on top of it now before they start school even if it is just a case of children developing at different rates.

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My son is 22months old and is not talking. He has had his first appointment at the speech pathologist and she basically said to talk to him constantly about everything you do. I feel at fault sometimes because I am quiet myself and probably don't speak to him as much as I should have. I have tried to change and have to remind myself to talk more. He has not changed yet but fingers crossed he will soon!
Thanks christopher has just in the last few days started to talk now he has said mum and dad. I had him booked in to see a speech therapist and i am still going to take him but he is starting to talk which is great.
Thanks again.
Hi again,

Just wondering if your son had ear infections when he was younger? My son has had his share, and my Dr is recommending a hearing test at 12 months if his ears arn't perfect at that check up. Ear infections can cause short term hearing problems, and as a result, many young children have speech delayments. It is like they missed out on hearing properly, and it takes them that bit longer to understand and learn to talk.

Anyhow, it seems things are on the upside any way,

Keep up the good work Christopher,


DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

Christopher never really suffered from ear infections when he was younger but he has suffered sore ears a lot from his teeth coming through it wasn't really an infection and i was told that teething can cause them to get sore ears.

Thanks again and it is great that he finally starting to talk.


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