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Need advice about Weight with a 2 year olds Lock Rss

Hi I have 2.4year old twins which havent really been putting on much weight since they were put on a new diet due to food intollerences they are one 11.3kgs and 11.8kgs they are talle for there age as they are 89.4cms and 91.5cms, my daughter will not eat any meat and my son will not eat vegies theya re avergage for there age and advenced for same things but they they are not toilet trained yet so theya re behind in that sort of thing anyone have an suggestions in how i could get them to gain weight without giving them any dairy or fruits other then pear along with no artificale ingrediants.
Or how big are everyone elses 2 year olds?
also does anyone else have the problem with size 2 clothes falling off around the waste but fine in length?
I totally get the clothes thing my 1 year old weighs 9.3kg and size 0 is far too short but size 1 falls off her waist.
My daughter is allergic to egg, milk, soy and peanut so her diet is really restricted. She pretty much lives on fruit veg and meat. Chicken liver is good for iron, I mash it with pumpkin, kumara potato etc. and she feeds herself with a spoon. Also mince patties, I use orgran egg substitute to bind them, and bolonese sauce with mince. finger size bits of roast meats. I also have some great recipes for muffins, cakes and biscuits that are milk egg soy and peanut free. My email address is [email protected] If you want the recipes let me know and I'll email them to you.
PS. 12kg is average for 2 years old, but my daughters weight projection is that she'll be just under 11 kg at 2 years. She had fail to thrive and her allergies so hasn't gained weight properly - she was 4070g at birth and it took her 10 mths to double that which should happen around 6 mths. She is in th 97 percentle for height (80cm). Don't worry about the weight as long as it is increasing not decreasing or staying the same.

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My daughter is 2 and 8 months and is 12.7 kg, so very similar and she wasn't a twin and only 2 wks early. I use to worry heaps about her weight, i have now accepted she is smaller. As for the clothes, my problem has just increased as she is not wearing a nappy any more. Most 2s won't fit her bottom half, and 1s are too short.

Not much help sorry, but at least you're not the only one,


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thanks very much for your reply, i am worried because they weighted just over 12kgs 5mths age and now they are less and not even putting on any they are on rice milk. and they were good weights other that at birth. so i was just curous about and wanting to know who else has this problem. sorry
Rice milk doesn't have enough nutrients to be used as a complete milk drink for under 5's. Because Maya is allergic to milk and soy she is on a prescription formula which is cows milk based but modfied to be suitable for allergy babies. I breastfed her til 9mths and she wasn't growing but as soon as they put her on thi sformula her weight started slowly increasing.
Maybe you should talk to your gp/specialist about the best milk-substitutes coz they might have some other suggestions.
It is really hard, I know, when they don't grow. Maya was 7.45 kg at 5 mths and 7.16 kg at 9 mths.

Mum to Maya Grace 02-03, Sienna & Mercedes 10-06

Hey they are on Rice milk because they are reacting to Neocate=which a a allege formaler and they where reacting to a free other ones they put them on they are not only allergic to lactose but to milk protien and many other things that are in other formulars because of the artifical stuff they are unable to have anything that isnt artifisal which is really hard wow 7.45kgs at 5mths mine where only 4and a half i dont like seeing my kids loose weight at this age because i am scared that it is going to cause more health issues with them as they have been through alot in there small life.
thanks for your post i very much appreciate it .
I know how you feel. It doesn't help that my partner and i are both overweight so I've had to change my whole attitude towards food in order to fatten Maya up. She is on PeptiJunior. We tried Neocate in the hospital when she was there last but no good so we stuck to the peptijunior. Maya is allergic to milk protein too, not sure about lactose coz we have her on a completely milk/lactose free diet. Her whole face and mouth blows up within minutes of contact with milk or egg, and she gets chronic diarrohea from soy.
Good luck with your little ones. Yeah, Maya was huge at 5 mths, then didn't grow at all. She was born in the 97th percentile, now she's in the 25th, but when she was really sick last year she dropped to the 3rd perncentile.

Mum to Maya Grace 02-03, Sienna & Mercedes 10-06

thank you very much i hope they start putting on weight soon. harder things is that they are both on deitry tablets to help due to the fact i cant get any meat into my girl and she has a problem in her iron levels and xander cant get any veggies into him but potato.
Have you tried chicken liver? Sound disgusting I know, but I mash it up with potato, pumpkin etc. and she loves it. Once a week she has liver coz she was borderline anaemic at one stge. Also, she goes to daycare 3 days a week and has meat and veg there for lunch. She seems to eat more there because all the kids sit up to the table together and they all have the same thing to eat

Mum to Maya Grace 02-03, Sienna & Mercedes 10-06

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