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Weight problem? Lock Rss

My son is going to be 12mths old next week '16th of March 04) and weighs less than 8kg and I think he is losing weight. Everyone comments on how he is so tiny and breaks my heart to hear this and even they told me 'why you do not feed your baby?' I hate this as I always try to offer him lots of different foods and it depends sometimes he likes to eat but the majority he through foods away and he would not let me feed him any more, he wants to be in control which means his food endup on the floor. He is very active boy, he has been walking now for a month and would not even rest. He does not like to sleep much. but he is still a very happy baby. I tried everything and I can not get him to gain weight, if anyone has had such issues please help me to help my baby to gain more weight. thanks
Hi Rana, I feel for you i really do. I have a three yr old girl who is extremely tall for her age, the health centre sister told me when she was two that she will mature around 6ft4-5. She is also very slim.
The health centre sister also told me that they would put Georgia on growth hormones to slow her down, this was rubbish (as told to me by my dr.).
I guess what I am trying to tell you, as long as your little one is happy, then he is healthy. And dont listen to the people on the outside, if you are trying that is the main thing. He will eat when he is hungry!!!
It has taken Georgia 3 yrs to get her eating habits to that she finally eats 2-3 meals a day. All you can do is keep offering , and I am sure it will all work out. Good Luck

chele75,Vic,3yr old

I can also relate. My daughter was a huge 4070g at birth but by 10 mths still hadnt doubled her birth weight (this is supposed to happen by 6 mths). She has had 2 stays in hospital with gastroenteritis, at one stage she lost 500g in two days. She also has multiple food allergies which means she is on a very restricted diet of fruit, veges, meat and bread with no butter, cheese etc. which is where babies get the fat in their diet.
Talk to your child health nurse or paeditrician. We were referred to a dietitian which was invaluable and weekly weighs were a helpful way of keeping track. Bubs is now growing well. She was 1 last week andnow weighs just over 9kgs which is still small but at least she is growing. At the end of the day, the actual number doesn't matter as long as it is increasing.
Bubs is also super tall, in the 97th percentile for her age, so she looks really scrawny, but she is happy, healthy and also 3 mths developmentally advanced.
Good luck, and if you like, check out my daughters website where I track her weight progress for my family overseas

Mum to Maya Grace 02-03, Sienna & Mercedes 10-06

Hi there, I felt the need to reply to you although this is not the case with my two girls (both are on the other end of the scale). A friend of mine suffered this for years with her son, people were always telling her her son was underweight, it drove her to breaking point until she realised in her head her son was perfect for the way he was meant to be, happy, healthy and active. He is still the smallest in his pre-school but mind you he would have to be the brightest and cheekiest. She now realises he is perfect for him any compares him to no-one and she is also alot happier because of this. I hope this helps you
Enjoy every day and they will eat when they want too.
Take care


Hi Rana. I have a daughter who will be turning 12 months on the 16th of March, 2004. She weighs just under 7kg. People are always commenting "she's so tiny, does she eat much?". She still hasn't doubled her birth weight of 3625g and she was born on her due date. She has also been walking full-time for the past month and has always been very active. Have a look at yourself - are you or your husband of small build? Also, look at both sides of the family. My side are all tall and thin and my husbands aren't. I believe that your son will eat if he gets too hungry. I've found that my daughter eats way better if she eats off my plate or has the exact same thing on her plate as the rest of her family.

Ange, 25yrs VIC, 5yr old son & 12mth old daughter

Hi there, well my daughter is 22 months and 8 kgs but she is happy healthy and active. I ignore all others comments who are negative but most just say how tiny she is, I just say yeah isnt she cute! She has been a slow weight gainer since birth(2.9 kgs) of course we still have regular visits to the peadeotrition to check her growth and development but she is just genetically small. The important thing is not to worry yourself about it and if you are insist on some tests or to see your pead to get the best advice for your child.

Mel,QLD, 3yr old Nikita, no. 2 due october

My daughter is 18 months now and when she was about 12 months she was in the 25 percentile for kids (in the plunkett graphs) I used to really stress about this even thought the nurses told me that she was really tall for her age and that she was fine. To encouroge her to eat (and I know people say you shouldnt do it) I distracted her from her food by seating her by the kitchen sink helping her blow bubbles, make a mess with water long as she is busy doing something else she eats really well, and is nw back in the 50 percentile and even enjoys eating well by herself... maybe its a stage they go through they are just too interested in everything else...


Hi All. I also know what it is like to be constantly asked whether I feed my kids. My eldest daughter (turning 2 next month) is approx 9 kilo's and my youngest daughter (6 months 3 weeks) weighs 5.6kg. Both of them are on the 3% line on the graph. But I don't worry as I know that although they are petite, they eat well, are active and continue to SLOWLY put on weight.
As a bub, I was also underweight but become above average once puberty hit. My brother was also one of the shortest kids in his class (was always in the front row of the class photo shoot) but reached average height by the 9th Grade of high school and then continued to grow (he is know over 6ft!!!!). My mum use to pray that he would grow to be at least taller than her 160cm. So don't worry. Think of the positive, at least you can carry your child to bed etc... without breaking your back.

Angela, mother of 6mth & 22mth girls

Hi Rana

My son is 10 months old and when he was weighed last (about a month ago) he was 7.35kg. He started off 3815g at birth but he's always been a slow grower since then. I used to worry all the time, but the nurses at the clinic are always reassuring. I'm only just over 5' tall so I guess he got my short genes tongue !!! He eats a lot but has always been a very active baby so I think he burns most of it off. I'm still breastfeeding, and recently someone said "Why don't you put him on formula, I'm sure he'll grow then", I was too angry to even reply. I didn't even say to this person that I was worried about my son's growth! Besides I used to give comp feeds of formula in the beginning and it made absolutely no difference to his weight gain.

It's comforting to know there are others out there with gorgeous 'little' babies & toddlers. At least our children all get lots of wear out of their clothes grin , my son is still in 00's. As they say someone has to be at the top of the chart and someone at the bottom - however they all seem to be at either end and not many in between.

I was convinced by the paediatrician to wean Maya off the breast and onto a prescription formula at 9 1/2 mths, but I have regretted it ever since. Yes she has started growing a bit better ( at that stage she was barely 7kg and now she is 14 mths and 9.5kg) but she was only on teh bottle for 3 mths before I put her on a cup. I wish I had kept up the breastfeeding just tob e able to give her one breastfeed a day before she goes to bed.

Mum to Maya Grace 02-03, Sienna & Mercedes 10-06

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