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Does anyone have a child who sweats a lot when sleeps?I have a 3 1/2 y.o son and he sweat a lot when sleeping at night time,sometime I have to change his pillow case a sheets.
I dont know if that's normal?
Can someone help?

mother of two vic


I have the exact same problem with both my son & daughter when sleeping & when my daughter drinks her bottle she is soaking when she is finished. I put her to bed in a singlet & nappy and if it is a little cooler I just cover her with her sheet. Her sheets are wet & you can see where her head has been lying as the sweat is there.
I think some babies/Toddlers are hotter than others so don't worry. My son is now 5 & I found hime to be still a hot kid.

Hope this has helped a little

My daughter 15 months is exactly the same (she takes after her father) It's just sooo gross.

My fear is that she wont grow out of it. I think it's acceptable for a man to sweat but not a lady.

I leave a fan on for her and try not to many clothes on but then she wakes in the middle of the night when the temp changes.

Sorry I have no answers but sometimes it helps to be not alone.

Aileen, nsw, Macenzie17 months plus 1 edd 4/11/04

My angel (nearly 2!) gets sweaty at night too. I actually asked my doctor and she said that children are naturally hotter at this stage. Their sweat glands are still immature, well thats what she said anyway. All you can do is make sure they are comfy.
Hope that helps..

Barbara,WA,Rochelle 03/02 + Nicholas 08/03 smile

Hello my son has always had this problem. He was born in July so being a winter baby I would rug him up in a singlet and bonds wondersuit under a light blanket. He would sweat in no time. At first I thought it was wee but it was sweat. He still sweats to this day. He has a friend in day care who is the same. Some days when I pick him up they have my son and his friend in just a nappy as they are wet with sweat. My sons hair is often wet from sweat while sleeping. It makes it hard when you dress them at night as when you first put them to bed it can be quite hot. But in the early morning when the temp drops I am always getting up to cover him in a sheet. He is just getting over a cold and I blame his cold on this. It can be early in the morning and if he has been running around his hair will be stuck to his head from sweat. It is warm but not that warm, well for me anyway. I am constantly worried if he smells(sweaty) and using heaps of baby powder. If I could I would wash him a few times a day.
I can relate to what you are all talking about.

mother of two vic

I have a 3 1/2 year old son that sweats a lot too.
I think the sweating is normal?
My boy is as skinny as a rake so it can't be blubber insulation. I have a hard time keeping his close on during the day when it is hot. When Jake is over heated in bed he has a lot a nightmares too.

I make sure I don't over dress him for bed. I under dress him so he will use his blankets. It is dangerous to over heat your kids. Being too cold can’t hurt your kids and they get up and tell you at that age anyhow.
His father is a good heat conductor too and I love him as my electric blanket in wintertime.

mum of 3

It's great to hear that others also have this problem as I find my daughter is a sweater not only at night but during the day if she is dressed to warmly. She is 17months.
Hi all

I only started looking at this for the first time today, and this topic shows that we are not alone... My son Sebastian (currently 15 months old) has always had a "hot head"... from when he was first born, if he was having a boob (later a bottle), and going to sleep, or was just getting tired - he will get a sheen over his head of sweat, and will get a sweaty pillow, etc.... it's like a sign that he is tired and as soon as he starts to go to sleep his head gets hot... in Summer he gets especially hot, but even when it is cool we have a fan on his bed at night, just so that he will hopefully sleep through - but he often wakes up at about 4 - 5am (I think either too cold if the fan is on, or too hot if it isn't!!), then ends up in our bed until we get up between 6-7am... mind you I don't mind having him snuggle up to us because he is so sweet when he wakes up and gives us cuddles... nothing like it in the world!!! He gets it from his Dad, who is also a hot sleeper - but has the same thing as me with a leg or arm hanging out to cool him down!!! ... and he hates having all the bed clothes on him when he's going to sleep!!

Marie, NSW, Sebastian's (12/12/02) & Alexander's (

hi there,
Just thaught Id post a response, My son has always been a hot baby and as my friend would put it I was always "cooking him" i would take him out in warm clothes, and he would be lying on a sheepskin with a blanket over him and a storm cover most of the time and when i would take him out of the pram he would be saturated, also he is always sweating when having his bottles and when sleeping he gets saturated, my son jessie is nearly two and is still like this, and i have been told that he is just a hot blooded baby, I have no answers as to why but reading every ones responses has made me realise that its fairly common so i feel much better now, Whether he will grow out of it or not is another strory but I guess i will just have to wait and see.
Just a word of caution to those of you with younger children who quickly heat up, don't put on blankets etc at night if you know they will sweat alot, overheating can sometimes be associated with cot death. Take away the sheep skins, they don't let the air circulate around the childs body so should only be used when its really cold.
Air cell blankets and natural wool blankets are good, they let the body regulate a good temperature, polar fleece and duvet type blankets don't breathe as well.
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