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My DD is 27 months old and refusses to eat dinner or breakfast. She wont eat any meat no matter what it looks like or what it is. The only thing she'll eat is yoghurt (sometimes we mix in a little bit of avocado) bread, strawberries, bananas and those rafferty's garden (only the spinach, apple, broccoli and pea ones) and nothing else. Im worried that by her not chewing anything that really needs chewing like meat, that thats why her speach development isnt developing as fast as alot of other kids (though i try not to compare her to other children). I have to put her in the high chair still cause she wont sit still long enough to have anything to eat, or she'll grab the food and wonder around with it which causes more mess to clean up.
I really have no idea what to do, im giving her a multi vitamin in the morning cause she isnt eating properly
Dose anyone have any ideas???

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Let her help you cook.

She will be so proud of herself being the "chef", she may eat too. You could reward her for eating by giving her a chef hat and apron. (Simply use an A4 piece of paper wrap it round her head and cut flappy bits. Have I confused you yet?)

Try Banana pancakes.

1 0r 2 mashed bananas, 1 cup of Self Raising Flour, 1 egg, 1 cup of milk. Blend the flour, egg and milk then add the bananas. then cook.

Banana smoothies. Banana, yoghurt, honey. Blend this and add some Farax as the blender is doing its stuff. That should "fatten" it up.

I have some other great "hands on" recipes.

ALSO speak with yr maternity health nurse and GP, they will be able to help.

x Lindie [email protected]
I might just try that!
Im a chef (or was till i had kids) so i've still got all of my chefs hats (the big floppy ones included lol) so i might just pull them out!
Ill let you know how we go!

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