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My DD is pushing me to my limits. she is throwing tantrums at least 3 times a day, she throws a bigger one when we put her in her cot and last night she headbutted me in the nose cause she didnt want to go to bed. i have no idea what to do. she's also going through one of her "i only want vegimite sandwiches, yoghuts, milk and biscuits" stage. i cant get any vegies into her, or meats and she might eat fruit once if im lucky.i cant handle this for much longer. any advice would be most appreciated

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my now 5 yr old when throught that not eating vegies or fruit stage, we bought vegie fingers and told them they were special fish fingers, that how we got him to eat some vegies and those new potatoes mashies they are potato nuggets. my son only eats chicken nuggets he hates meat or anchicken any other way. dont know if it will help...

i gave her some sausages last night and she ate a little bit, but i might try the chicken nuggets. thanks heaps!

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How old is she?

Have you tried pasta with a bolognaise sauce (if you use bigger spiral pasta or hollow ones then the meat sauce gets caught inside so they get some).

Or roast chicken cut into strips or home made rissoles?

I'd be wary of giving chicken nuggets unless they are home made - the bought variety are higher in salt in preservatives which will only lead to further rejection of other plainer foods. I'd persist with offering healthy foods and a variety of tender meats (tender is the key, too dry or too chewy and they wont bother with them). They cant eat biscuits if you dont give them to them and she'll soon learn that you are the one in charge, not her.
We do the mash potatoes, kumera, pumpkin with other vegies mashed in as well and then tomato sauce that often works a treat.
Our 20mth old DD also went off fruit so I made pureed mixed fruit ice blocks and gave her whole bananas with the skin peeled back so she could hold that and she loves it.
We also use the pasta trick with tomato sauce again. You could make patties as well.
I also got told by a nurse not to worry if she is being fussy just put it on the plate and if it's not eaten or is eaten don't make it a drama just ignore.
DD likes to eat with us plus she is now enjoying spicy food. Anything bland is thrown or a tantrum will happen, lots of flavour, gravy is a good thing as well hides the vegies.
Have you tried fresh fish in a coating (seasoning gives it extra flavour)DD is fussy on fish only eating certain sorts but put on a coating and she eats it all and then wants seconds.
Don't react to the tantrums just stay calm she'll feed off of your reactions. If she doesn't want it just say okay take it away and let her see you eat some of it she might want it then as well. I get feed from DD at times and then she eats a bit and then feeds me then herself. Great game.
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