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18month old suddenly completely distraught at bathtime! Lock Rss


My 18 month old loved bathtime up until a week ago - all of a sudden he's wailing at bathtime, won't sit down, fighting to get out of it and will not calm down until we take him out! I've checked the water temperature, everything - nothing has changed, we stil have the same routine, the same bubblebath, the same toys! I'm Baffled!!! We just don't understand it...we've tried having a shower with him instead - same result - major drama, we've tried one of us having a bath with him which resulted in him kicking and screaming again...i'm really at a loss and i would love to hear from anyone who has gone through this and what they did! Is it just another weird toddler phase that no-one told me about???

my 17month old was like this a few weeks ago! dont know what on earth caused it but after a week or two she was fine again weird!!!

hopefully your wee boy goes back to loving the bath soon (we now have tantys when it time to get out of the bath lol)

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thanks so much for that at least i now know its not that strange, i hope this passes, he gets so upset but he has to be washed!!....
Hi my boy will be 20month old soon. He does not like having a
bath. But he so hates getting his hair washed OMG he just
cry's really bad.

I does have lot's of bath toys but that does not help.


Just a couple fo ideas to try. I haven't had a problem myself but a friend did and yes it is probably a phase. I think everything is. Try putting some relaxing music on to calm down the environment for him. Also, has he seen the water go down the drain. Some babies/toddlers find this frightening. If he has try and lie something across the drain.

Good luck.
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Hi all,
We too are having the same problem with our son. Not so much an issue getting him into the bath but when it comes to washing his hair he screams the house down, this has been going on for months and I was hoping this was a phase (apparently I did the same thing to my mum when I was a kid) but just hoping you would have some ideas on how to make washing our hair a little less stressful
I had the same problem for a week or two here and there with my son around that 1 1/2 - 2 1/2 stage, only lasted a week here and there, then they get over it. I just made sure he had a quick wash even if it was less than a minute then let him get out. But it doesn't last.

My 3yo DS has been through this a couple of times, it does seem to be a short lived phase(s). I just tried to bath but ended up giving a quick sponge until it passed.

However, we are still struggling with the hair washing - rarely an enjoyable event.

we're going through it now with our DD for around a month, she screams her little head off when we go near the bathroom, screames even more when we put her in the bath (same with the shower) and she wont go near the pool.

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My 19 month old is going through the same thing at the moment. He used to love baths and showers, but one day he just started screaming when I told him it was time for a shower.

I often let him take his dummy in the shower to keep him calm, but other times when he doesn't have it I put a toy turtle in the shower which he seems to like. I say to him "let's go and find Mr turtle" and that usually gets him to the bathroom. I quickly strip him down and tell him to find Mr turtle! This usually gets him to head into the shower.

After this he usually doesn't mind splashing around in the shower.
We had exactly the same problem with our DD when she was the same age. I went and bought some food colouring from the supermarket and let her choose what colour bath she would like to have that night. She loved it and it quickly got her back to enjoying her bathtime. You only need a couple of drops and it doesnt stain anything. Hope this helps.
LOL we have been having the same problem.
Our 20 month old DD hates having her hair washed but loves playing with the hose outside so over summer we have a couple of times chased her around the backyard with the hose and shampoo and made it a game. The past week we have washed her hair in the bath again using the shower attachement and holding it up high and now there seem to be no dramas. We just do it really slowly as well so wet the hair then play with the toys, then wash the hair and play with the toys then wash the rest of her while she is playing with the toys and finally rinse off all in one hit.
Also a friend of ours has a DS that used to like bubbles in the bath and then went off them overnight and cried if they were in the bath.
I also read somewhere about putting swimming goggles on them to keep the water out of their eyes can help sometimes as well.
Good luck!!
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