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Vapourisers???? yey or ney??? Lock Rss

my son has a cold/flu and i was wondering if a vapouriser in his room of a night time is ok???? just to help him breathe??

***haydens mum***

I love the vapourisor. I have in actual fact set it up in DD room tonite as the poor baby has a cold also. I grew up using one and whip it out at the first sign of a cold for my kiddies.
Just be sure its safe, and keep the dooe ajar to allow the air to circulate.

i got the one i have from MIL no instructions as DP used it as a kid, she told me how to use it, how can i tell if unsafe, and where in the room do u have urs???

***haydens mum***

We always grab the vaporiser as soon as a sniffle starts, we have a vicks brand one and I just fill it up put, in some eucalypt and put it on the floor in sons room. When he was younger we always made sure we moved it as soon as we got up. Now adays it just stays there. Usually need to use it on & off all the time over winter months.
Really need to make sure it doesnt get hot to touch if you have little ones that are investigating everything.
[Edited on 31/05/2007]
I spoke to my DR about vapourisers, I was worried if breathing in damp air too long would do more damage than good in the long term. My Dr said that they are good but he felt you shouldn't need to use it more than 3 or 4 nights in a row.

Jeninne, WA, Bradyn 24/11/04, #2 Ryan 01/12/06

A big huge YEY from me!!! smile

They shut themselves off once the water gets below what it should be! (well mine does anyhows... I'll tell ya in the morning what brand it is in case you wanna know since my little man is peacefully asleep right now...)
As soon as he shows even just the slightess hint of a cold I prepare it and on it goes half hour before he goes down, with of course everything closed so it gets nice and steamy in his room like Liz said!
When in use, I have mine up on the change table, Im not too sure whether up high is better or not, but it seems to work a treat for Zack! smile
Yep, I've heard the same as Jeninne about no longer then 3-4 days.
Before we went down to Tassie I had an inncident where Zack still wasn't well from a cold/flu (so I thought) so I went to the docs after 4 days an turned out he had a chest infection, so my lesson learnt was to go to the docs if bubs still unwell after 3-4 days just to make sure it is/isnt something deeper than what first thought!

I really hope you do get one, deffinately not a waste of money, both thumbs are up from my neck of the woods here! grin

All the best and Take care... xx

Hey, just me again! smile

Okiezzz... it's a "TAAV" and when my DP bought it from Amcal he also bought the Mentholaire Vaporizer Fluid which goes in the top part (only need just a few drops) and he also bought Vaporizer Cleaner Tablets which you just add one tab into the fresh water before turning the Vaporizer on to get the electrodes working properly for a better result! smile
But I have one hint though that may help you and others out, you dont need to buy the tablets straight up because we got a small dispenser already in the box when purchased! smile

hydz... xx

I have the Vicks brand one and love it. Its works fantastically and shuts it's self off when the water gets to a certain level. I can put it on at 7pm and it's still going at 7am the next morning. I think it goes for a period of 12-14hrs straight.

It is recommended NOT to put fluid such as euclypt or any other fluid in them as they are too strong for babies and young children to breath in.

Snugglepot and Cuddlepie!!

I have a thing called Breathe ezi. It is not really a vapouriser, but it is a small "thing" that you plugg into the powerpoint and it releases a nice eucalyptus in the room. There is no moist air or burning hot oils. I think it may be eucalyptus oil in it, but it doesn't get that hot, (and it doesn't damage the ceiling or walls either, from the moisture). And it makes it so much easier for my dd to breathe and she can have a good night sleep. I buy mine from our local Guardian pharmacy and it isn't that expensive either. It is just fantastic! I love it! (Thanks for listening... smile
no way couyld i live without my vaporiser ever!! they are great i have 3 one for each of my boys and one spare for me and hubby as well we love them and they come out very very frequently.

boys 5 and 3 years i love my little men


I could not survive winter without my vaporiser. DS sleeps so much better with it when sick.

yes they definitely help!!!! and i use it for all my children from school age to baby. help them get over the sniffles and coughs faster and get a better night sleep. lyn smile
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