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Welts on Skin Rss

My 2 1/2 yr old has just sarted getting welts on her skin when she comes into contact with things, she may just rub her leg on a chair or on the floor and she comes up with these raised red welts, does she just have sensitive skin?
Hey there

I say take her to the doc to get things looked at just incase it is something, Sorry im not much help! All the best xoxo

hi, my daughter has had the same thing for a few years. i have no idea wot makes them come and they sometimes go all by themself but if they are really big, she had one that covered her whole back i have to give her an antihistamine. She has been to the dr several times and they dont know why she gets them. i have finally got an app. with an allergy specialist in Aug so hopefully he can shed some light on the situation.
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