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Do some babies NEED to be circumsised? Lock Rss

Hey Ladies.. My son is 13 months, and i decided not to get him circumsised.. (dont wanna start a debate, just a personal choice)

Several ppl have told me that some boys HAVE to be circumsised? Something about if u cant pull back the foreskin it needs to be done??? (sorry TMI)

I have no idea..Its just really annoying me....

Is this tru or just ppl making up stuff??

Thanks in advance for any help!!!

AKA Chante

I have heard if they get a serious infection they used to have get done...but now adays i think they give them some creams or lotions to fight the infection. Don't worry about it unless its red, angry or you are worried about it. Hard to know isn't it when we dont have that part!

Sal, two mischief boys 4yrs & 16 mth's

My understanding is that the foreskin shouldn't be pulled back or retracted until the boy is like 4 or 5 years old - if it is pulled back on a baby, it could cause problems. If you are worried about it, discuss it with your doctor. I think there may be medical circumstances where a boy may need to be circumcised (I met a woman at uni who's adult son had to be circ'd as a baby for some medical reason) - but your doctor will be able to tell you realistically if your boy needs to be done.

If your doctor says your boy is fine as he is, then ignore those other people's opinions and feel comfortable in your decision. Remember - it is your son and your decision - it has nothing to do with anyone else (just your son and you - his parents).

James' Mum

My nephew needed to be circumsised when he was 18 mths old because his foreskin did not grow at the right rate and as a result it closed over and he could not urinate properly and he got ulcers etc under it. This is pretty rare though, and i chose not to have my son circumsised despite this.
So i guess the answer is yes, some babies do have to be circumsised, but it is rare.

There is a medical condition, and its called phimosis, or tightening of the foreskin. This is what my DS1 had, and he was circed at 18m, so we decided for any further sons to have them done just after birth. I found out that my dad and brother had the same thing, so figured it might have been hereditary. My neighbour was done last week, and he was 11years old...poor boy!
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some people do have to be done for health reasons, not sure why thought. my husband's uncle and cousin both ahd to be done after they were a few years old for health reasons.

robert 15 feb 06 qld

Hi, we also chose not to circumsise our son but have since been told that he may have phimosis (or whatever that term is), we have been told that if it doesnt improve over the next 6 mths he will need to be circumsised. He is now 3yrs old and we are quite concerned that it will be really painful for him now at his age, I think if we don't though we risk him getting infections and having problems urinating, I guess we just wait and see, so to answer your question sometimes you really dont have a choice but hopefully your son will cruise through life with no problems!
cheers tracy
My son is now just abit over one and we had him cirumsised when he was 3 months old. We did it for health and religious reasons. I think it was the best thing i did already at three month old the doc said he had alot of dirt around his penis. I was speaking to one of my friend and her son is 5 he isnt cirumsised, he penis has been sore and erected for three days, which was really painful for her son. They took him to the doc and he said it has got really infected. Now at 5 he has to get circumsised. If i have another son i would get it done again so it doesnt cause problems for him when he gets older.
Excuse my ignorance.. but if his penis is only infected, why the need for circumcision??

Our DS isn't circumcised and I don't know any mothers IRL that have chosen to go this route. My DH is French and circumcision is pretty much unheard of over there.

there are medical reasons for it too be done, but generally if you teach them good hygiene there shouldn't be a problem. my dh is 28 still has his and has had no problems, and ds(3yo)was not done either for the same reason i have already stated. not to start an arguement, but they banned tail docking in dogs because it was an aesthetic proceedure, same applies here in MOST cases. they are both nasty proceedures to have done, would we as ozzy girls like to have a female circ. like in many third world countries???
well at the end of the day its ur choice, no one should make you mind to get it done or not. What ever you think its best for your son. Yes it is a nasty thing to do but in not even a week time the pain is over and all has been forgotten. To answer your question CATB 76 No we OZZY girls wouldnt like it, but like i said at the end of the day its personal choice. I find it very sad you would even bring up about the dog thing we are not talking about animals and how can u compare thats sad. Any-way good luck in what ever you choose to do.
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