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Unexplained fever? Lock Rss

Hi all! My 16 months old came down with high fever (39 to 39.3 degrees), she has had it for almost 2 days. I took her to the GP yesterday (so about 24 hours after she came down with it), fever went down with Neurofen and Panadol, so he was happy about that. She doesn't have a runny nose or a cough, no vomiting, no diarrhoea, no rashes, wee is fine. She is not happy and wants to be held when fever is up of course, but after taking Panadol or Neurofen, she is fine, running around and eats and drinks fine (not eating as much as always, but decent amounts). We tried to take a wee sample with those little plastic bags the put in the nappy, but that was unsuccessful as she pood and that was everywhere tongue Doctor said her hear was red, so gave her antibiotics but wants to see her again today to ensure all is ok. She has been on antibiotics since yesterday late afternoon, so I would have to wait a bit longer for them to kick in if that's the case, but I was just curious if any of you had a child with an unexplained fever that went away?! My daughter is teething, I can see molars coming through at the bottom, but she has never had a fever while teething and doctor said teething itself is not a cause for fever. And if that red ear is actually a ear infection, I thought normally ear infections come with a cold? Mmh! Keen to hear what other mums have to say! smile Thank you smile

My son has on occasion had this. Dr said it's just a virus and will pass. He'd be just as you described - fever, no other real symptoms and bouncing around like normal while the fever was controlled with Nurofen or Panadol. It would pass after a few days.

With ear infection...what often happens is they get a cold and then they seem to be getting better and then a day or so later they go downhill again with a fever, miserable etc. That's always been the pattern with us. An ear infection would follow a cold (not every cold but occassionally).

Thank you Pixie Chick, it makes me feel better! We haven't ruled out a UTI yet as we were unable to get a sample, so trying this again today... and she hasn't had a cold recently either. It's good to know that something like that can happen, I never experiences this with my eldest, so this is all new with youngest!!
All my kids have had fevers with no other symptoms occasionally. Each time it passes by the fourth day. If it goes on past 5 days maybe it needs further investigation but until then I wouldn't worry.
Thank you ddon! Another reassuring response smile I have actually noticed that the doctor didn't check her throat yesterday as bub was upset. I noticed that she eats slowly but drinks ok and also her voice sounds slightly different when she cries (almost 'scratchy'), so I am actually wonder if somehow she got strep throat or tonsillitis. I had it last year and had no other symptoms apart from fever and a super sore throat. Will bring it up today, will keep you posted!
How did you get on? DS2 had a temp and sore throat and it turned out to be strep throat, he is on a 10 day course of antibiotics. It's really important to get it treated as it can lead to rheumatic fever.

Here I am! Doctor checked throat and it was very red, but no pus. Ear was still quite red he said, so conclusion was the onset of an ear infection. She only had a Neurofen early morning and Panadol early Afternoon and when I put her in bed at 7 her temp was still ok, so fingers crossed that's the end of it! I will check her in half an hour, but I believe antibiotics have kicked in as it's been about 24 hours since first dose smile Thanks for the support and messages, unexplained fevers always concern me!!!
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