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Tounge snip or not to snip Lock Rss

Hi all, my 10 month boy has a tounge tie. It isn't severe, he could still feed properley even though he was born at 34.5 weeks. I was offered to have it snipped when he was at hospital, but I declined as he was constantly being jabbed with needles and probes while he was in special care nursery for all the blood screens...jaundice and air saturation levels etc. I just couldn't bear the thought of more pain for him.
My CHN has been at me a few times to have it snipped, but again I don't want to cause any unneccessary pain. My only concern is I don't want him to have any speech impediments such as a lisp because of restricted tounge movement.
Has any one else had any speech problems with bubs and tounge ties???

I know that that if he does have problems I will have it snipped, but if he does't have to I won't.


My neice has a slight tongue tie. They were worried about it at first, but she is 5 and at school and doesnt seem to have a problem. They thought she would have a speech problem, but they have got 2 opinions on her speech and they said it is fine. I would tend to wait and see.
I know the feeling-i think when they have been in a special care nursury, been jabbed and probbed at all the time. I had my 7 year old 5 weeks early and the twins 5 1/2 weeks early-i think they are very good babie to go through what they do. I get Pre-Eclampsia when im pregnant so thats the reason i have my bub early. I would lve to try again, but the girl twin was really sick and we were close to losing her as she ruptured her lung-i cant go through another preemie birth. Three children i enough anyway.

Kylie, NSW, 7year od and 2 year old twins

also I dont know what state you are in but in VIC they wont snip after 16 weeks.

I know a few adults who have TT and they definately advised us to get it fixed.


Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy

My son was severely tounge tied and I couldnt breast feed. At the time I was living in Australia and my hospital refused to snip it. In the end he broke it himself when he slipped in the bath. My hairdresser had her sons snipped when he was 5 and had his tonsils out.
My son is fine now and his speech is perfect (and constant) he is 2 years. As soon as he starts to speak anything get him to try sounds that would show the lisp like D, T and L.
Hope that helps

Mother of Caleb & Lotti & Jacob


My DD is tongue tied. She is turning 2 in a month, but when she was born I had a lot of problems breastfeeding her. My CHN discovered she was tongue tied and said that was my problem. Anyway, to cut a long story short, every time I went to the CHN she would push and push at me and tell me I had to get it snipped. There was only 1 doctor who did them here in Brisbane (or so I was told) and my husband and I didn't know what to do as they don't put the baby under any anesthetic to snip it. We didn't want to put her through that pain. But then the CHN kept son and on at me to get it done as she said Emily wouldn't feed or speak properly in future. We were so stressed out by it all that in the end, I asked my OB when I went back for my 6wk checkup what he thought about it (even though it wasn't his "area" as such). He told me that it is a very invasive procedure. He looked at Emily's TT and said that it was only slight and that if it were his baby he wouldn't worry about it. That settled it for me and we decided not to get it snipped. A couple of weeks later in the Sunday paper I read an article on TT and it said that tongues actually grow from the tip. So I'm quite happy to let it be and see how it goes.

I have a friend who is a nurse and also has a daughter who was very TT at birth. She was a bit cranky that the midwife didn't just slice it with her fingernail when they were checking over her. But she said that it's not noticeable in her daughter now which would make sense if what they said in the newspaper article is true.

Hope this helps you a bit.

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