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Hand, Foot & Mouth disease Lock Rss

My 16 month old daughter Beth has Hand, Foot & Mouth disease and is really suffering. She is getting some relief from Panadol, and Nurofen but is otherwise quite miserable. Her poor little mouth is so sore that she wont eat and her gums so swollen that her teeth are disappearing. She is hardly sleeping at night either. Just wonering if anyone else has been through this and if there was anything else we could try to give her (and us!!) some relief.

Someone suggested bonjella on her guns but she wont let me near her mouth to try it.

Lisa, VIC & Beth 16 mths

Hi, yeh my two baby cousins are suffering from it to and unfortunatly you are doing all you can , but the good news is once the kids get it they cant get it again unless they come in to contact with other strands of the virus.

just regular panadol is what my cousins are doing. dont worry it wont last forever

Good luck!!!!! smile

teegan_wa_ cheyenne 26/10/04 & domenic10/2/06

Poor thing1 Just before xmas, my 7 year old and miss twin had Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease. Miss twin got it from DayCare and brought it home to the other one. It was awful. Neither of them could eat properly for over 2 weeks. The little one couldnt walk properly because she had blisters all over her feet. The older one only had them in her mouth, but i think it is the sickest i have ever seen her ( and she ha been real sick because they thought he had a form of leukaemia when she was nearly 2). I think they get sicker when they cant eat properly. My little one ended up with it 3 times-it says in your body for up to 10 week after the first case. But, the good thing is that she will never get it again!!!! All i could do for them was cuddle them and feed them juice through a syringe. They also ate a little bit of custard, jelly and ice cream but not much. I got some mouth ulcer tuff for my 7 year old but i really dont think it helped, and i didnt use it on the little one because he was too little. I really dont think there is much you can do for them-which is really hard. It is hard for you too-it wears you out. Do you have much help and support? If you do, i would suggest to use it. I dont like relying on anyone-i think the mum thing is my job-but i had to when i had both of them down with it. I dont think i would have got through it!! Poor little man didnt get as much attention from me but i think he wa lucky he didnt get it!
Good luck with everything!

Kylie, NSW, 7year od and 2 year old twins

oh and Yes it is unlikely that adults get it-but i got a mild case as well-and all i can say i feel really sorry for kids with it!!! Im with you brissymum!!!

Kylie, NSW, 7year od and 2 year old twins

Thanks to you all for your replies. Its been great to hear your advice and know that I'm not alone! Friday was possibly one of the worst days of my mothering career but I am pleased to say Beth slept all through the night that night and woke up on Saturdays morning bright and happy. She ate, played, smiled and more importantly her mouth finally looked much better. Didnt end up getting any sign of it on her hands and feet which was good. Thanks again guys!

Lisa & Beth

Lisa, VIC & Beth 16 mths

Hello lisaw,
I know exactly how you feel seeing your little one suffering. My daughter had HF&M disease once before which she was infected from daycare. Her mouth was so sore and couldn't eat or drink anything. Personally I think Panadol or Bonjela has not much help. I took my friend's advice to give her ice creams every 2 hours or everytime when she looks painful. And that really worked on Stephanie. I hope your daughter has recovered by now! Good luck.

Lucy, mum to Stephanie-12/11/03

oh my goodness.... this sound terrible..
Ive heard of it but never knew what it was. Please excuse my ignorancebut, how do you actually get hand, foot and mouth disease?


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