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My 3 1/2 year old son is just getting over a common cold when today he complained of an ear ache. It was 3pm before he started to complain, not sure how serious it is and cannot get to the Dr till tomorrow. Can ear aches come and go? or do they lead to ear infections? Is there anything other than panadol I can do to help this situation?

Mum of 2 boys 3 1/2 and 19wks

My son often gets an ear infection when he has a cold. He never complains of a sore ear and it actually never bothers him so the only sign for me is a temp. I usually give panadol and take him to doctors who give antibiotics if it's needed. I would recommend taking him to the doctors but tomorrow should be fine as long as he seems ok to you, just keep an eye on temps etc.
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