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2 yr old with Eczema Rss

My 2 year old son suffers from eczema behind his knees on his ankles, his arms neck and face. He has had it since he was 4 months old. He is on a restricted diet of no dairy and little gluten and also avoiding some fruits and also yeast. We have been to 3 naturopaths which have not really worked. 2 weeks ago we visited a chinese medicine doctor and he gave us a skin formula which i noticed some posts have already mentioned. If anyone out there has used this fomula I would love to hear from you??

Not sure if the QV cream I am using is helping does anyone elses baby eczema go red after applying moisturiser? I am also using a product called medihoney on his eczema has anyone used this?

Have read about Lemis Fatty Cream is this available without a prescription?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Hi there

Your DS sounds like my DD is. We were using the QV Cream and it was making he excema worse - more red especially once we had just applied it on.

We came across what I think is a miracle cream for excema - not sure if you have tried it so thought I would suggest it anyway. Dermeze Ointment - made by the Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne. Comes in a white 500gram tub for about $14 very plain packaging with a green/purple pattern on the edges of the sticker. We brought our from the local priceline pharmacy. It contains liquid parrafin & white soft parffin. It's distributing by Aspen Pharmacare Australia.

We noticed an improvement within 24hours when none of the other excema creams would work. It's been 4 days and already her skin looks almost perfect. I can not recommend it highly enough.

Haven't heard of those other creams you mentioned - we tried johnsons, qv, dermaveen and gaia and they all made it worse (more red)

Hope this helps. Let me know if it does. Good luck!

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thanks Anna Lisse for your helpful advice. I have gone and bought some of the cream you suggested. Just wondering how often you applied it to your DD's skin. Did you use any other creams in conjuction with it?

Fingers crossed it works for us as well.

My DS is 20 months and he gets bad eczema aswell. I have had him allergy tested and nothing came up. I just restrict his intake of chocolate (not that he hardly ever has it!!) I spoke to the eczema association and they gave some handy tips that have worked well.
1. Only bath every 2nd to 3rd day. Top and tail at the basin with a wash cloth the other days.
2. Use a washing detergent especially for sensitive skin and wash all bubs clothes in warm water.
3. Alternate products. 2 weeks perhaps dermeez and then 2 weeks lucas paw paw cream (or another one you find some sucess with) as their skin becomes used to a product and it starts to become less effective
4. Make sure not to overheat them - including in bed and with central heating as this only aggrivates the skin further.

Hope this helps. Sometimes DS still gets a big flare up but i can usually get it back under control within a couple of days. Its very aggrivating but most children will grow out of it by the time they are 3 or 4.
Hi everyone

Ive had so much trouble with my sons excema, ive tried absolutely everything on my son, from the hydrocortisone creams and all the prescribed stuff, to natural remedies, incl kawakawa ointment, pot of gold balm, flax seed oil for children (to try heal from the inside) we have changed to natural washing powders, we dont bath every day, we dont use anything in the bath, no shampoos, soaps etc. You name it we have tried it.

I have actually discovered something that works brillantly on his skin, and has cleared up his real bad patches under his knee and on his arms, I tried a wee bit of Vaseline on his skin one night as its always been good for clearing up his nappy rash, and the next morning it had improved so much and now a few days later his skin has almost cleared up altogether! Im not saying this is going to work for everyone but it certainly has worked well for him.

We have also done the trial and error of creams the only things we've fond to work are "best for baby" body wash in the bath (available at goodlife health food stores) and the dermeze ointment (we got ours from gregs chemist) already mentioned in this thread, it doesnt heal it but it keeps flare ups under control and if I stop using either skin starts to feel a bit dry again. hope this helps

mel, WA, 1boy+1girl=very happy mummy


My youngest DD has always had dry skin patches so we bath her every second night using QV oil and QV wash (no soap). When she gets dry patches we smother her in sorbelene. Until recently that was fine but now she's having flare ups on her cheeks and her inner arms (inside elbows). When I put the sorbalene on it goes really red and she starts to scratch it. I took her to the doctor today who has now said yes it is exzema and given me a script for a steroid creme (can't remember the name). I already had a tube of Sigmacort that someone else recommended and I only use when she flare up bad.

Someone today suggested nappy cream like sudocream but I think I will have a look at priceline for that cream someone mentioned.

My DD is also lactose intollerant and has had a allergic reaction to something on 2 occassions but it wasn't a bad reaction and we don't know what it was. She is fine with peanuts etc so for now we are not going to do allergy tests unless she has another reaction.

A friend who's son has had exzema all his life has given me heaps of great advise about dressing her for bed etc so she doesn't get too hot.


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I'm just wondering what made you choose these particular foods to eliminate?

Has your son been correctly diagnosed? There are two ways either through skin prick tests or blood tests know as RAST - personally I hate RAST but my pen friend through Anaphylaxis Australia hates skin pricks - so I guess try both and see which you like. They have to ordered by a paed or allergist and you really need to push your GP for the referral. Dermatologists are useless and a waste of money - my personal experience, others may have found them useful.

Correct diagnoses of all allergens and fully eliminating all traces of these allergens will save you a fortune on creams and bath lotions.

My two daughters started with eczma from the first week of age - they were both breast fed but there's no way I'll breast feed no 3 whose due in 2 mths, they were finally diagnosed correctly (we had guessed the wrong items to eliminate from the diet) two weeks prior to the eldest's 2nd birthday, little one was 4mths old. They now only get rashes when we visit other people as our house and their diet is controlled.

Dust mite covers on all bedding, washing bedding weekly in hot water and only hanging it out in the middle of the day, not on a windy day was recommended by the paed allergist to minimise allergies from dust mite, plus we vaccuum every morning before they are allowed to play on the floor (they are now 2 and 4) and we mop every second day.

It's a little bit more work and takes time to get used to eliminating all traces of foods - but go to
for more information
my son is nearly 4 and suffered serverly with it from only july 07, his eczema is cauzed by a build up of toxins from just every day foods, drinks, enviroment and we have stopped 95% of dairy, 95% of take-away and junk food. i started him seeing a naturopath in sept and everything they have given me has worked but it does come back for about two weeks of every month, just because he is sensative but it is no any where as bad. he used to scratch the skin off in layers. we have used everything but the steroid creams because they fix it now but in year down the track it gets worse. i now use a combination of vitamin E cream and pine tar and a cream from the naturopath. every time i can cover him in cream i will and it is slowly getting less and less everytime just in the short time. My son also takes herbal drops to clear toxins from his body and they have no flavor but it does take around two or more weeks and if it is not working take it back and tell the person you saw.

i did find this bath solution that is just wonderful "QV FLARE UP bath oil". so i use all of this and it works but it might not work for you so try everything ones and if it does not change anything with in 4-5 days (non-naturopthic), try something else. i think i have tried evrything in a chemist, and pine-tar and QV are the only other ones that have worked everytime.

good luck it will get better.
My 1 year old has had severe eczema and severe dry skin since birth. I've also had her allergy tested, both skin prick test at RPA Allergy Unit in Sydney which showed egg and nut allergies, and I had the RAST blood test done which confirmed this, but also gave me the oportunity to test for banana's specifically as I found she was breaking out in rash after eating them. This also came up positive for allergy. It also probably means she might be allergic to anything in the rubber tree family ie. mango, paw paw, avocado etc.

Now... this brings me to the next subject which is why so many different children react differently to creams. It is absolutely trial and error. Most children with eczema you will find is food related. Either through breast milk or eventually solids. What we don't realise is that alot of creams have either peanut or almond oil as a base. Including nappy rash creams. Any child with a nut allergy will react to these creams. Even before you realise they have an allergy which is why creams are so confusing. Read the lables like you would food. For instance I can't use Paw Paw Cream as she's allergic to the latex / rubber tree family. She also reacted to QV and Dermaveen but I have no idea why. At the moment I only use an emulsion ointment by David Craig found at chemists, it's very much like vasalene but water soluable so you can water it down if it's too thick. I also use a moisturising cream by Eveeno with caloidal oatmeal and soothing menthol in it. Once again it's trail and error. But the ointment is totally harmless and the best barrier cream for nights especially.

I was given a booklet from RAP Allergy Unit that gives you a guide to foods and the levels of 'natural' chemicals that will more than likely make children with eczema and allergies react. If I stick completely to this guide we have NO reactions. If we stray, we react. It makes it easy to eliminate things that your child may have intollerences to rather than allergies which you have tests for. I recommend getting a copy of this little booklet. You may need to make an appointment, unless you can get your hands on a copy. I'm happy to scan it for you if you wish.

I find I have to pre prepare all meals and freeze them so I have things under control. Snacks are hard, but not impossible. It's a matter of eliminating, which will take time but once you know it's much better for everyone.

One last bit of advice... fish oil. One of the best things for everything including skin. A health food store can give you advice on whats best for children. Just be aware that anything with a 'flavor' may give your child a reaction. You can always hide it in orange juice or food which is a better option than fake flavor.

Good luck!


I use hydrocortisone when the eczema gets extremely bad but then I've been applying foderma serum 3 times a day on my 3 month old and it definitely helps prevent his break outs!
My son and I both have eczema and we have tried so many things its unreal. Foderma has been great so far.We can tell this helps quite a bit. Thanks for a product that really does help!
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